Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection – How To Beat Those Annoying Ghost Fish

Anyone that played the Ninja Gaiden series on Xbox Original and 360 remembers the Ghost Fish. These annoying swarms of ghostly respawning fish just keep coming for Ryu Hayabusa’s squishy flesh. If you don’t use the right moves, the ghost fish can kill you in an instant. They appear in both Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and they’re one of the most bizarre inclusions — little ghostly fish that just keep nipping at your heels. The only way to survive is to rush through them… or use a few very specific moves.

This guide is for the beginners out there that are still struggling to get by these late-game enemies. They aren’t difficult. They aren’t even really enemies. They’re more like an immensely annoying field of grass you need to mow in a very, very specific way or you’ll die. Learn how to overcome this challenge in both games with the simple tips below.

How To Get Past The Ghost Fish | NG 1 & NG2

The Ghost Fish are an aggravating swarm of tiny opponents that can be destroyed in one hit. They attack in swarms, and once enough latch onto Ryu, they’ll pull him to the ground for huge damage while more attack. Quickly mash [X / Square] to escape or you can die very quickly.

These Ghost Fish appear in both Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. They’re significantly easier to deal with in Sigma 2, but we’ll still explain what to do.

  • How To Beat Ghost Fish | Ninja Gaiden 1
    • Vigoorian Flails: Press [Quick Attack x 3], [Jump + Quick Attack] to constantly attack with no break in the combo.
    • Dragon Sword: Press [Jump + Quick Attack] only, immediately jumping and air-slashing again. Repeat and don’t accidentally attack again while on the ground.
    • Fire Wheel Ninpo: Keep Fire Wheel Ninpo ready. If you’re slow, pop Ninpo to clear the ghost fish near you. You can also use Ultimate Technique if you want to avoid getting pulled to the ground.

The trick is to keep chaining attacks together with the Vigoorian Flails, never stopping to end the combo — when your combo ends, you’re vulnerable to enemy attack. Same goes for the Dragon Sword, which is an easy-to-learn but slow method for getting through the ghost fish. The Fire Wheel Ninpo should be saved only for emergencies.

  • How To Beat Ghost Fish | Ninja Gaiden 2
    • Lunar Staff: In Chapter 5, you’ll have to deal with underwater Ghost Fish. To get through them, use the Lunar Staff [Strong Attack], which propels you forward while attacking. Just spam this move to get by.

And that’s it! These are the tried-and-true methods we’ve been using to survive since the Xbox OG release. Now that you know the secret, you can go out and gather endless Yellow Essence. Y’know, if you’re running low.