10 Best Building Games On The PlayStation 4

If you’re after some new PlayStation 4 building games then there are a good collection of titles we can recommend. Whether you were looking to build up structures during your journey to use for safety, building up complete cities, or going ensure the safety of a group with vitals being just as important as where you’re placing a structure. In this list, we’re going to highlight the best games that you can pick up and play right now. With that said, these are games not necessarily ranked in any order since we have a pretty diverse set of building games you can find on the PlayStation 4.

#10 Minecraft

Easily one of the first video games to come to mind when thinking about building in video games. Minecraft has been around for ages and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This title continues to grow with new updates and content, but the base of the game remains the same. You have two options really which are Survival and Creative modes. Within Survival, players are working to simply survive each day. This means having to battle against different mobs that spawn at night such as skeletons and zombies while also avoiding environmental hazards such as lava. You’ll need to work towards building up a base, finding resources, mining, crafting up a food source, water, and expanding your territory. With the game randomly generating a world for players to explore, there are endless possibilities of what kind of a game world you’ll end up with.

Some might feature all kinds of biomes and with it the various precious resources to keep your character alive and well. Meanwhile, there is always the possibility of running into a situation where you have very few different biomes. Some fans even enjoy more difficult game world seeds which force players to work even more cautiously to last very long within the game. Of course, on the flip side of that, you have a Creative mode and it eliminates any danger from this game. While mobs will still spawn, you won’t get attacked or hurt. There’s no need to build up a base before nightfall and your character will never starve. What this mode offers is all of the resources readily available within the player inventory. Ultimately, it’s a way to build up whatever you’d like to build so players can let their creativity run wild.

#9 Dragon Quest Builders

Platform: PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita Nintendo Switch
Release Date : PS3 January 28, 2016, / PS4, PS Vita October 11, 2016
Genre: Action role-playing, sandbox 

Dragon Quest is a big RPG series and chances are you’re familiar with it. This IP might not be as big as Final Fantasy, but the series has gained quite the following over the years. One game that sticks out if you’re after building games for the PlayStation 4 is the Dragon Quest Builders series. This is a game series that acts quite a bit like our previous title within this list, Minecraft. There are two games but they act similar but for this list, we’ll focus on just the first title. Dragon Quest Builders takes place in a parallel universe from the first Dragon Quest game. In the title, it centers around the hero of Dragon Quest accepting a deal with the antagonist of splitting up the world into two kingdoms with each having a side to rule. However, it was a trap and the entire world was taken over leaving nothing but decay and destruction.

Now monsters run rampant but fortunately, a new hero steps up to rebuild the world. Players are taking on the role of a new builder that has to acquire different resources and build up the land.  You’ll build bases and rooms, while also expanding into new areas. However, there is a slew of monsters to fight off as well. Players will find that this game features a day and night cycle so during the day you’ll have weaker monsters to battle with while at night the monsters ramp up in difficulty. They’ll not only prove a problem to you but also the buildings you’ve crafted up. As mentioned, there is a sequel that follows the events of Dragon Quest II, but the title is quite a bit similar so if you’re finding Dragon Quest Builders fun then chances are you’ll enjoy the sequel just as much.

#8 Frostpunk

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, iOS, Android
Release Date : PC April 24, 2018 / PS4, Xbox One October 11, 2019 / macOS February 24, 2021 / iOS 2021 AndroidTBD
Genre: City-building, survival

Frostpunk is a city builder with plenty of strategies needed to keep players progressing through the game. The game is centered around an alternate 1886 year where the world is dealing with a volcanic winter. Temperatures are fatal outside and if humanity wishes to live, they’ll need to plan carefully. Within the game, you’re taking the role of a leader who had ventured into a new area with a group of survivors. You’ll set up a camp around a giant generator that spews heat but requires coal. It’s here that the game opens up where you’ll send workers out to gather resources and slowly build up the area to be a safe haven during this winter storm. Here you will have to take care of the men, women, and children as you build up housing around the generator, acquire resources, and keep the heat flowing.

However, there are also plenty of other areas that require upgrades or buildings being established. In the mix, you’ll have to craft up medical tents along with kitchens. Then as you send out a team to find more resources in the wild, you can find additional survivors looking for a community to join into. As time progresses, not only are you having to manage resources, continue to expand, and monitor the well being of your community but there are other moral choices to make as well. This includes religion and politics which all play a role in your community. If you falter too much then the community can overthrow you forcing the game to end. Those that find this game of interest will likely want to look into the DLC releases as well which brings out a new scenario or obstacles.

#7 Cities Skylines

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : PC, MacOS, Linux 10 March 2015 / Xbox One 21 April 2017 / PS4 15 August 2017 / Nintendo Switch 13 September 2018
Genre: City-building, construction and management simulation

If you’re not after a theme around winter tundra to deal with then there is Cities Skylines which is a city-building game that’s been around since 2015 before finally making its way on the PlayStation 4 in 2017. If you ever played other city building simulator games such as SimCity then you should have a pretty good grasp of how this game plays. Likewise, since we don’t have SimCity on the PlayStation 4 then this is a solid alternative for players. This is a title all about building up a city where you will have control over the zoning, taxation, public services, and road placements.

The campaign will give you some goals to complete but players will also have the ability to go through this game in a sandbox mode which means that you’re given more control of how a city looks and is placed. Meanwhile, you’re having to monitor the citizens of your city to ensure that they are happy. You might have to rethink your budgets, work out the pollution problems or ensure that there is job employment. While this game has been out for several years, it has managed to get quite a few expansions as well to further enhance the gameplay experience. You can pick up expansions that add natural disasters, more tourism attractions, to more varied industries.

#6 The Forest


Platform: PC, PS4
Release Date : PC 30 April 2018 / PS4 6 November 2018
Genre: Survival horror

The Forest is a survival horror game so that might turn some players off right from the start. However, this game does provide some building components if you’re willing to get this title a chance. Without jumping too far ahead, the game itself is based around the protagonist and his son as they are traveling within a plane. However, when something goes haywire and the plane crashes down, you find that no one has survived although your son is missing. It’s your goal to find your son and uncover clues about this mysterious island that the plane has crashed onto. One element the player can uncover right away is the fact that there are cannibalistic mutated tribes within the island.

You’ll need to be careful with these enemies as they can prove to be troublesome. However, with the AI the developers have placed within these characters, they’ll avoid outright attacking players. Instead, they’ll monitor you and work up the courage to start testing against your weapons or outright sending out false charges to see if you’ll stand your ground. Meanwhile, the game is also centered around building up a base with several different structures available to pick through. You’ll be able to adjust the size of your structure and where you place it. Afterward, you’ll need to acquire the different resources it needs to get built up. Of course, you’ll need to monitor the base as the tribe can go through and attempt to dismantle your builds.

#5 Surviving Mars

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux
Release Date : March 15, 2018
Genre: Simulation, city building

Surviving Mars is another city-building video game you might want to check out on the PlayStation 4. However, unlike Cities Skyline, Surviving Mars is about building up a safe habitat for colonization on Mars. Within the game we are centered around a colony living on Mars but being this giant red planet, you’ll need to monitor all kinds of vitals and resources to ensure the safety of your group. For instance, you’ll need oxygen, water, and food to name just a few of the essentials.

Fortunately, you do have support with your chosen nation government on Earth so from time to time you’ll be able to receive different resources from your homeworld. However, you’re only given a limited amount of space on the rocket so knowing how to obtain the resources needed on the planet is pretty crucial. Building up structures and useful tools to keep this colony thriving is pretty key here. Not to mention, there are other hazards to be mindful of as well such as freezing temperatures, dust storms, and meteors. You’ll soon have a balancing act of ensuring survival for your group of humans along with expanding the area with different useful structures.

#4 7 Days to Die

Platform: Linux, PC, Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date : PC, OS X December 13, 2013 / Linux November 22, 2014 / PS4, Xbox One June 28, 2016
Genre: Survival horror

If you enjoy wave-based games then 7 Days to Die is worth looking into. Now the game is in early access and there’s a pretty split reception on this game with either fan loving this game along with those that find it too rough of a shape to be enjoyable. With that said, this is a base-building game where you’re having to establish a fort to stand against undead hordes. The game offers six days to build up a base, gather resources, and prepare for the seventh day where the game will send a massive horde your way.

If you managed to survive the horde, then you’ll continue once again making fortifications to your base, gathering items, and ensuring that you’re even more equipped to handle the next horde. There are even wild infected animals to deal with in this game so there’s plenty of combat and building up structures required to ensure that nothing becomes too damaged to handle another wave of undead. You can also go through this game with multiplayer cooperative gameplay so you and your friends can build up a base together.

#3 Ark Survival Evolved

Platform: Linux, PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Stadia
Release Date : Linux, PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One August 29, 2017 / Android, iOS June 14, 2018 / Nintendo Switch November 30, 2018 Stadia Early 2021
Genre: Action-adventure, survival 

Ark: Survival Evolved is another survival game worth looking into. The title throws players into a world filled with all kinds of hostilities. You have dinosaurs, hostile players, and environmental hazards as well to keep players striving to stay alive. While you’re out looking for resources to equip and better protect the protagonist from different attacks you might have to endure, there’s also a need to build up your base. It might be a bit basic starting with just walls, foundations, and doors, but players can expand their base a bit with the help of friends since this game features multiplayer. With that said, we’re not sure just how long this game will continue to find support and a community of players because there is a sequel in the works.

#2 Planet Coaster

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, macOS
Release Date : 17 November 2016 PC 17 November 2016 / PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S 10 November 2020 / PS5 12 November 2020 / macOS 17 November 2020
Genre: Construction and management simulation

Planet Coaster is the spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon if you’re familiar with that franchise. It was a popular series that had players building up and customizing a theme park for customers to visit. However, Planet Coaster opens things up far more than RollerCoaster Tycoon and it gives players the freedom to make any kind of theme park they’d like to build. Outside of making the decor options appealing to guests, there’s plenty of works that needs to be handled regularly.

For starters, you’re having to bring out different rides for guests, ensure that they don’t grow too stale for customers, while also constructing different restaurants, restrooms, and shops to fill up the park. You’ll also have to monitor your staff so that the guests are safe, protected, entertained, and leave the park with an overall enjoyable experience. Players can dive into constructing their park right now across multiple platforms but more importantly for this list, it’s readily available on the PlayStation 4.

#1 House Flipper

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, macOS
Release Date : 17 May 2018
Genre: Simulation

If you ever enjoyed home makeover shows where we get to see a total transformation from a rough-looking home into a dream house then you’re in luck. House Flipper offers that exact thing but in a video game format. In the title, players are taking on jobs to fix up different buildings whether it’s demolishing walls, painting, or fixing up different problematic issues of a home. Meanwhile, the game does eventually open up where you’re able to purchase your own homes and flip them for a profit.

It’s all about knowing just how much money to put into a home and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that it’s suitable for a good market value whether it’s cleaning up the home, removing walls, adding walls, or replacing fixtures. There’s plenty of decor options that you could also spend money on to stage the home. This title has blown up in popularity since its release and there are several different homes you’re fixing up so the gameplay can stay a bit fresh as you play.