10 Best NEW Dungeon Crawler Games of 2021

After a new dungeon crawler gameplay experience for 2021? You’re in luck as we have listed down a few games that we think you should keep tabs on. In this list, we have some great dungeon-crawling video games that are either out now, in early access, or anticipated by fans hoping to see the title make some kind of a launch within the 2021 calendar year. We don’t have these games ranked in any particular order as most of these titles have yet to make it out into the market. With all that said, here are a few new dungeon crawlers to get excited about in 2021.

#10 Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/S
Release Date : June 22, 2021
Genre: Action role-playing

Fans of the Dungeons & Dragons IP will have a new video game to play later this month called Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance which is an upcoming third-person action RPG set as a spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series. So far we know that this title will put players into the Icewind Dale region where you’ll get four playable characters, Drizzt Do’Urden, Catti-brie, Bruenor Battlehammer, and Wulfgar.

Here you’ll battle against all sorts of dark and sinister monsters in search of new gear or unlocking abilities to further tweak your character. If you’re playing this game as a single-player experience then you’ll get the ability to swap around the different characters. Meanwhile, the online game mode component will allow players to work through the game with up to four players. Currently, players can expect Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance to hit the marketplace on June 22, 2021.

#9 Demeo

Platform: Oculus Quest, PC
Release Date : Q2 2021
Genre: RPG, VR 

Deemo is a game that players can pick up and play right now, but this is a VR title so you’ll need to ensure that you have the compatible headset and hardware to run the game. Players can expect more of a traditional style of board game experience. You’ll get to overlook the world your character models are within while rolling a dice, selecting various cards to use attacks, and best of all you’ll be able to go through this game with a group of friends.

With the coronavirus health pandemic pretty much stopping the ability to connect with friends locally, having this option to gather around and play a classic tabletop RPG adventure virtually is a great alternative. As mentioned, this video game is already available and you can dive into it with an assortment of headsets such as the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, to Windows Mixed Reality.

#8 Fight Knight

Release Date : TBA
Genre: RPG 

Fight Knight looks to be quite the interesting dungeon crawler experience. It’s a game that looks like the old retro age of first-person dungeon crawling as you venture around dark corridors only to face a variety of monsters. However, rather than being turn-based, this is an action real-time combat game. After gaining its funding through Kickstarter, Team Sorcerobe has been working hard to deliver this game into the marketplace and we’re hoping to see it launch at some point this year, 2021.

With that said, the narrative is centered around a mysterious tower that emerges from the ground. During the process it consumes not only the land around it but the people that were in the land, transforming them into twisted creatures. While the tower can quickly vanish and reappear in different areas, it’s soon discovered just when and where the tower will appear. This has prompted foolish treasure hunters to enter the tower in hopes of finding loot. You’re just another knight looking to gather the goods from inside the tower.  

#7 The Unliving

Platform: TBA, PC
Release Date : TBA 2021
Genre: Action, RPG, Roguelike 

The Unliving is an upcoming title that doesn’t have a specific release date outside of sometime this year. In this game, you’re not the hero looking to seek treasure and loot from the dark underground but instead a Necromancer who is using their abilities to raise an undead army. You’ll find that this is a rouge-lite action RPG where you’ll command your army to attack the land of the living as you claim your land. However, there will be other powerful monsters that will challenge you along your journey which means having to take your undead forces into battling hostile beasts alongside man.

If someone or something happens to get the best of you, then you’ll simply die and rise again. Again, we’re not entirely sure just when we can expect this game to hit the marketplace, but this is one title you’ll want to keep tabs on throughout this year or throw it on your wishlist in Steam to get the alert on when it’s available.

#6 Spark in the Dark

Spark in the Dark is an upcoming atmospheric dungeon crawler that has players going into a dark dungeon that was crafted up thousands of years before man. With little information about what lies inside outside of ancient stories, players step into an adventurer that will embark on a journey to see just what’s inside the dungeon and face against the sinister creatures that await inside.

Outside of being a visually gloomy atmosphere, the game offers procedural generation. This means that every time you’ll play there is a new layout, different locations for loot and enemies as well. Players will also have plenty of lore to read up on as they uncover different books and notes left within the abyss. Again, the developers have not stated just when we can expect this game to hit the marketplace, but this is another anticipated dungeon crawler that we’ll need to keep tabs on through this year.

#5 Corepunk

Platform: PC
Release Date : TBA 2021
Genre: RPG 

Corepunk is a bit different from some of the other games on this list as it’s an MMORPG with dungeon crawling elements. Within the title, players are crafting up a character and dropping into an open world just waiting for players to discover. There are plenty of quests to partake in, dungeons to clear, and bosses to battle. Footage of the gameplay looks appealing, but we’re having to wait for this game to come out into the marketplace. With that said, there is a closed beta planned for August of this year so we might get a bit more footage showing up online as to how the game handles at the moment.

This is a game that the developers are claiming to be flexible with character customization as well. While there are standard archetypes for character classes, it seems that players can tweak and make the necessary upgrades to give your character a bit more of a unique role or style. When Corepunk finally hits the marketplace, players can expect it to be available for the PC platform. Of course, there’s always the chance we’ll see this game get supported on other platforms in the future.

#4 Last Epoch

Platform: PC, Linux, macOS
Release Date : 1 May, 2019
Genre: Action role-playing, hack and slash

Another game we would like to mention is Last Epoch. We know this game came out in 2019 through early access, but it’s slated to release from early access this year so we will see the game receive the full launch and from there continue to get supported with a series of updates. This is an action RPG title that’s a bit like Diablo and Path of Exile.

If you haven’t started playing this game through early access then this is a title that has been receiving a pretty well-received response from fans. There’s plenty of quests, loot, and upgrade pathways to make here in Last Epoch. However, at the time of writing this, there is only single-player content available. That’s not going to be something that fans will have to endure forever as this year there is a multiplayer update coming to the game.

#3 Project TL

Platform: PC, Android, iOS
Release Date : TBA
Genre: MMORPG 

Project TL is a game that we’ve been waiting on for a long while now. This title was first announced back in 2011 and we’re still waiting on it. It’s also a game that’s been the subject of a reboot in development, but this title first started as Lineage Eternal. Chances are we won’t see this game release in 2021, but we’d like to at least make mention of this game if you’re looking at upcoming titles. Project TL is still slated to release as an upcoming MMORPG. However, we’ll still be keeping tabs on this game, much like quite a few other eager fans waiting to try the title out.

#2 There Is No Light

Release Date : Q3 2021
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG 

There Is No Light is an upcoming dungeon crawler hack and slash game that’s been described to be a bit of a Souls-like gameplay experience. In this title, human civilization had long collapsed but was rebuilt up deep underground. Now society bows and obeys a god known only as The Great Hand. This gnarly beast will show up to the society of humans and grab up select newborns to take back into its lair.

You’re playing the role of a man simply looking to get his child back and as a result, you’re venturing to an area that’s never been attempted before. Here you’re looking to open the gates, get your child, and make a daring escape. Of course, the game is full of hostile monsters, loot, and gameplay that will adapt to the actions made throughout the campaign. For now, There Is No Light is slated to release in the third quarter of this year.

#1 Path of Exile 2 / Path of Exile Expansions

Path of Exile is a massively beloved MMORPG that was released back in 2013. With a ton of content updates and expansions, the development team over at Grinding Gear Games is looking to make a big change to the game with Path of Exile 2. Existing alongside the origins campaign, the new Path of Exile 2 update will bring a seven-act storyline along with new classes, engine improvements, and a new skill system. With this new storyline act, we have Wraeclast being corrupted once again as mankind fights to take over as power.

Since this game is so beloved there are plenty of eager fans waiting to dive into the title but we’re not entirely sure just when this game will be available. The development team hasn’t made the official announcement regarding its release but has made note that a beta for this game might not hit until 2022 so there’s a good chance we’re not going to see Path of Exile 2 become available to play until next year. With that said, there are still new expansions for Path of Exile that came out this year which should help pass the time. Although if you’re just getting started in Path of Exile then you’ll have more than enough content here to keep you satisfied until Path of Exile 2 launches.