10 Best Modern Point And Click Horror Games

walking dead

Point and click adventure games are usually focused on the narrative and puzzles. These games were pretty popular back in the day but over the years, more adventure games have dropped the point and click aspect completely. In this list, we’re going to highlight some newer point-and-click horror games that you should try out. Some of these titles may not be as focused on the classic point and click gameplay aspect, but they are full of puzzles and a heavy focus around telling a story. We’re trying to stay with more modern video games so everything in this list at the time of writing this article is not older than 2010.

#10 Five Nights at Freddy’s

Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX|S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Release Date : First release : Five Nights at Freddy’s August 8, 2014
Latest release : Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery November 25, 2019

What started as a simple little PC and smartphone game blew up in popularity allowing this IP to become a massive series. It’s a point-and-click horror title that was full of jumpscares. Naturally, if you’re not a fan of jumpscares then you are not going to be a fan of this game series as it’s full of them. That’s the main thrill when playing this game as players start the series out as a security guard working at a pizza joint. However, to complete your various tasks, players are having to watch out for the different animatronics that comes alive at night and aim to kill the player. To complete your tasks, players will need to monitor the different camera feeds to see where the characters are in the building to close doors and ensure that they are in a good position. With that said, if you lose track of an enemy then there’s a good chance you’ll quickly get jumped by one of the characters.

#9 Fran Bow

Platform : PC, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS
Release Date : PC, OS X, Linux August 27, 2015 / Android February 16, 2016 / iOS March 5, 2016
Genre : Horror adventure game 

Fran Bow is an indie horror title that you shouldn’t pass up if you enjoy more narrative-focused video games. In this game, players are taking the role of a little girl named Fran Bow who discovers her parents brutally murdered. Frightened over the scene, Fran takes her best friend, a black cat named Mr. Midnight who was given to Fran as a gift from her parents. While alone in the woods, players go into shock only to wake up in a mental institute. Without Mr. Midnight, Fran goes on a mission to break free, rescue her cat and make her way to an aunt. However, this is a tough journey as Fran also suffers from a mental disorder and can be taken to some truly horrifying locations.  

#8 Little Misfortune

Platform : Linux, macOS, PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : Linux, macOS, PC September 18, 2019 / Android, iOS February 13, 2020 / PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch May 29, 2020
Genre : Horror adventure game 

Speaking of Fran Bow, the developers behind that title Killmonday Games, also developed the next title on our list, Little Misfortune. Players are once again stepping into the role of a little girl called Misfortune who becomes fixated with a fox that appears near her home. Meanwhile, a random voice convinces Misfortune to leave her home and go on a fun mystical game. This journey will take players to all kinds of different unique locations as they attempt to finish the game and earn eternal happiness. It’s a wacky game with plenty of humor to go along with some incredibly dark and horrifying moments. Additionally, outside of the puzzles that come up along the way, there will be a slew of unique choices you’ll need to decide on throughout the game campaign. If you enjoyed Fran Bow then chances are you’re going to love Little Misfortune as well.

#7 Oxenfree

Platform : PC, OS X, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, iOS, Android
Release Date : January 15, 2016
Genre : Graphic adventure 

Oxenfree is an indie title that blew up online and its allowed the development studio, Night School Studio, to develop more games. With Oxenfree, players are following a young teenage girl who decides to attend a party with friends at a nearby island. However, upon arriving at the island, a supernatural entity seems to appear putting players into an odd time loop. There is a ton of puzzle-solving and unique choices players will need to make as they attempt to regroup their friends on the island. While ultimately the goal is to get off the island, there is still a ton of narrative content here as you make your way through the nightmare of an island and you’ll even have multiple different endings to obtain as well. This game was such a breakout hit that years later enough fan feedback has warranted the development studio to bring out a sequel, but at the time of writing this description, we don’t know much of anything about the upcoming installment.

#6 The Cat Lady

Platform : PC, Linux
Release Date : PC December 7, 2012 / April 20, 2014 (Linux)
Genre : Psychological horror, graphic adventure 

The Cat Lady from Harvester Games is quite a bleak and depressing journey for players to go through. This is a more traditional point-and-click adventure game where players are stepping into the role of Susan Ashworth, a middle-aged woman that is done with a life that she finds to be nothing but misery. With no family or loved ones to live on for, Susan commits suicide where players are met with an old mysterious woman. Promising a happy life in return for killing five specific individuals, Susan accepts the deal and is given immortality in the living realm. To reach eternal happiness, players are forced to venture out to find these specific targets and kill them off. It’s a trippy and dark journey but one that has had plenty of fans recommending others to try out.

#5 Detention

Platform : PS4, PC, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Android
Release Date : PC, OS X, Linux 13 January 2017 / PS4 3 October 2017 / Nintendo Switch 1 March 2018 /  Android 5 September 2019
Genre : Adventure game, puzzle video game, survival horror

Detention comes from Red Candle Games where players are tossed into the 1960s. Placed in Taiwan under martial law, players are stepping into the role of a student in a high school. However, the school is far from normal as players will venture around only to discover different terrifying enemies scattered around. There’s no combat so it’s a run and hide-type of the game when you encounter an enemy in certain scenarios. Depending on what you’re facing against, players can use different maneuvers to get around the hostile enemy such as holding their breath when they cross pathways.

#4 Dark Fall: The Journal

Platform : PC
Release Date : July 23, 2003 
Genre : Adventure 

Dark Fall: The Journal is described to be a bit like the classic Myst adventure game but with a horror twist. Decades ago an old train station at Dowerton was once a bustling location for travelers. However, one mysterious day the station passengers and staff vanished. No one was able to uncover what happened and now years later a contract was taken on to redevelop the station. Players step into a protagonist that receives a call of help from their brother who had taken on the job to rework the station. As players travel to the station, they find that their completely alone but something else lurks around the area leaving players scrambling to uncover clues and solve the decades-old mystery in order to avoid being taken as well.

#3 Serena

Platform : PC, Linux, OS X
Release Date : 30 January 2014
Genre : Adventure game 

Serena is a completely free game to download and play, but it’s also extremely short. You’re looking at maybe an hour to complete this game so we’re going to be pretty light here on what to expect in hopes of avoiding spoilers. With Serena, players are diving into a story of a man that ventures to an old cabin waiting for his wife Serena. However, as he looks around he begins to uncover hidden memories. If you have an hour to kill and want something more relaxed in terms of gameplay then we would point towards checking out Serena on the PC platform.

#2 Anna Extended Edition

Platform : Macintosh, PC, Xbox 360, PS3  
Release Date : April 12, 2013 
Genre : Adventure 

If you’re wanting a challenging point and click horror game to go through then give Anna Extended Edition a try. This title puts players into a role of an amnesiac man who wakes up outside of an old sawmill. From there, it’s a journey to find a way inside, uncovering more cryptic puzzles and dealing with a supernatural entity to figure out what happened prior. This is a title that has a few different endings as well so there’s replayability. With eight possible endings available, your actions within the game will determine how the story will end. As the name suggests there was an original Anna title available before this game, but the feedback received caused the developers to go back and rework the project a bit. As a result, we have some brand new puzzles and environments for players to venture through.

#1 The Walking Dead

Platform : Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, OS X, Linux, PC, Nintendo Switch, Ouya, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date : April 24, 2012 
Genre : Graphic adventure Interactive drama 

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games may be their best work. It was an adventure title that put them on plenty of player’s radar back in the day when it was first released and over the years we’ve seen several installments come out into the marketplace which again further adds to this incredible storyline. We’ll stick with the first game to avoid spoiling anything if you haven’t already played this title, but with The Walking Dead, players are following Lee during the start of a zombie apocalypse. Finding a little girl all alone named Clementine, Lee takes the young girl in and attempts to find a sanctuary. Meanwhile, the world is incredibly hostile with deadly zombies roaming the world and even deadlier human factions that are after nothing more than resources. With plenty of choices and consequences that affect the storyline, this is one game that should be played even if you’re not already a fan of the hit AMC television series or iconic comic book.