6 Best Free Online Sniper Rifle Video Games

Sniper rifles are a staple to any good FPS title out there. Some games require a high-level skill to properly aim down the sights and land a bullet into their target from a great distance. Others allow for a more over-the-top action-packed experience where players are pulling off fast-paced hits using a sniper rifle. After all, how many times have you witnessed players attempt a 360 no-scope in a game during those fast-paced competitive FPS games? In this list, we’re going to highlight some of the best free FPS games that you can play right now which offer sniper rifles or classes based around snipers. I’ve tried to stray a bit away from hero-based FPS titles in this list since that can change up the game meta a bit but for now, check out some of our recommendations down below.

#6 Black Squad

Platform : PC 
Release Date : 26 Jun, 2019
Genre : Action, Free to Play 

Black Squad is another big free-to-play FPS title that may prove to be popular for the mere fact that there’s no focus around players forced into purchasing in-game items. This is a military FPS game that has multiple different game modes to play along with custom game creation options so fine-tuning a match to a particular standard with friends is pretty easy to pull off. The game does get supported with developers offering a nice range of updates to content and features with players even getting various rewards from completing the daily challenges. Since this is a pretty fast-paced FPS game, you might find it a bit chaotic to perch somewhere with a sniper. With that said, there is a good range of different sniper rifles that players can pick up within the game.

#5 Warface

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : October 21, 2013
Genre : Shooter 

Warface has been around since 2013 but it’s not slowing down today. The game has since been released across multiple platforms with the latest being the Nintendo Switch. This is one of the big FPS free-to-play game for the Nintendo Switch right now as well. Within the game, players have the ability to do story-based missions which are centered around players battling against AI or they can get more competitive and go through the different PVP game modes. You’ll find that the game allows players to pick a class and it’s with this class that you’ll get the different primary weapons to use along with some special abilities. As you can probably guess, there is a sniper class available here. Being a sniper you have long-range bolt-action sniper rifles to knock enemies down or even kill them completely when in close range.

#4 Ring of Elysium

Platform : PC
Release Date : June 1, 2018 
Genre : Shooter, Battle Royale 

Ring of Elysium was released in 2018 as a battle royale free-to-play title and it gained some worldwide attention. This is a game that acts a bit like a traditional battle royale game where you’re dropped into a map in search of useful resources to use. However, there is plenty of gadgetry to use such as grappling hooks, which acts a bit like grappling in Just Cause. So you can quickly move around different high areas around the map. That ultimately means getting to a high position for sniping is pretty easy to pull off. Meanwhile, the game does shrink down over time forcing players closer together. After so long the game will bring out a helicopter with limited seats. Ultimately, the goal is to reach the helicopter and evacuate the area. Furthermore, the developers have been keeping the game supported with a variety of updates which adds new content into the game whether it’s a new map or as mentioned grappling hooks. Again, while this game does provide snipers, you’ll need to be cautious of the storm rolling in and the fact that you need to reach the helicopter in time to secure a limited seat.

#3 Planetside 2

Platform : PC, PS4
Release Date : June 23, 2015
Genre : Shooter

Planetside 2 is a game that’s been a popular FPS title for players to jump in and play for a good while. It’s an ongoing FPS title that’s split across multiple factions seeking to take control of different regions. As a result, there’s a constant battle going on in this massive open world. Players are just jumping to lend a hand to their team during the mass chaos. Players will find that this is a futuristic game as well so there’s plenty of unique vehicles along with weapons to make use of. Naturally, there are some futuristic snipers for players to equip during battles. Since this is a popular FPS title with the game centered around ongoing combat, you can find plenty of action throughout the map so finding a target to aim at won’t be a problem. With that said, you’ll find multiple different sniper rifles to pick from with each empire faction in the game having their assortment dedicated towards their group.

#2 Argo

Platform : PC
Release Date : June 22, 2017
Genre : Tactical shooter 

Argo is a game that was released in 2017 which was made to be a free alternative to Arma 3 if you’re familiar with that game. This is a tactical FPS military shooter where you’re working with a group of players competing in different game modes. However, there is one area that may have fans incredibly interested in and that’s the scenario editor. Players can build up their missions or game modes to play so there’s always the ability to change up the game up with fresh content if you’re interested in either providing new content for players or downloading the content for yourself. Now the game does provide snipers as well and since this is a more tactical shooter experience, there’s some freedom in stationing yourself in one position to either provide cover fire or help in defending an area off from the opposing faction. Players can even get some long-range sniping as well where you can be real far off from the opposing side and attempt to accurately aim your shots so that the bullet will land on your target.

#1 Call of Duty: Warzone

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox one 
Release Date : March 10, 2020 
Genre : Shooter, Battle Royale 

Lastly, we have a battle royale game that took the world by storm. When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released there was plenty of rumors and speculation that a battle royale multiplayer game would be coming out as well. It took a little bit before it was released but those rumors proved to be true. However, to make things even more surprising was the fact that this was a free standalone video game that would continue to be supported after new Call of Duty video game titles were released. Call of Duty: Warzone was an instant hit and it continues to thrive today with both newcomers and veterans logging into the title daily. Just like with any battle royale shooter out there the game drops players into a large open-world map where the goal is to be the last man or team standing. This means scavenging for items and gather all the precious loot you can come across.

There are snipers here and since this is a pretty large map, it’s a game where you can find a spot to camp and wait for another player to come across the area. Of course, since this game is a battle royale title, you can’t stay in one single spot the entire time. The map will shrink down so you’ll have to make your way from one spot to the next. That also could mean having another weapon ready to pull out for when you’re traveling. Likewise, when you’re getting down to the final few players, you’re in a pretty tight spot on the map which means snipers may not be the most ideal weapon to pull out.