Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – How To Win Quasar Every Time | Easy Money Farming

In the real world, casinos aren’t the best place to earn money — especially if you’re playing your luck at the slots. Slot Machines aren’t designed to give you a greater payout than what you put it. But, in Mass Effect, you’re free to farm all the money in the world using casinos thanks to some very favorable odds. Fans of the series have figured out exactly what winning moves you need to win at the fake game of Quasar, and we’ve got the tables explaining how to bet for each step of the game.

And Mass Effect: Legendary Edition doesn’t tinker with this mini-game. It’s only available in Mass Effect 1, so don’t expect to keep using these tricks in the later games of the series. Enjoy it while you can when things are simple and the Citadel is a nice big place to explore.

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How To Win At Quasar The Easy Way

Quasar is a gambling mini-game you can find at Flux and the Silver Coast Casino on the Citadel. Using three options, you’ll attempt to get as close to the number 20 as possible — basically like blackjack. If you go over 20, you bust. You can play on Low Stakes or High Stakes machines, and obviously the High Stakes machines give you the best pay-outs.

Unlike real gambling games, Quasar can easily be gamed to earn almost constant pay-outs. If you’re low on cash at any point in Mass Effect, you can always use the Quasar machines to earn what you need. It’s incredibly simple — fans of the game have figured out the ideal choices to make for literally any number.

Number: 01Best Choice: [4-7]Number: 11Best Choice: [1-8]
Number: 02Best Choice: [4-7]Number: 12Best Choice: [1-8]
Number: 03Best Choice: [1-8]Number: 13Best Choice: [4-7]
Number: 04Best Choice: [1-8]Number: 14Best Choice: [4-7]
Number: 05Best Choice: [1-8]Number: 15Best Choice: [4-7]
Number: 06Best Choice: [4-7]Number: 16Best Choice: [1-8]
Number: 07Best Choice: [4-7]Number: 17Best Choice: [STAY]
Number: 08Best Choice: [4-7]Number: 18Best Choice: [STAY]
Number: 09Best Choice: [1-8]Number: 19Best Choice: [STAY]
Number: 10Best Choice: [1-8]Number: 20Best Choice: [STAY]

Understand? When you hit a number in Quasar, just check the table to see what your best possible choice should be. If you land on a 08, you’ll want to select [4-7]. If you land on 16, you’ll want to select [1-8]. This chart doesn’t guarantee victory every time, but it does guarantee you’ll earn more than you pay in at a ridiculously fast rate. The percentages don’t lie, and you’re bound to earn about +20% on your investment.