New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock The Final Illumina Spot | Ruins of Remembrance Guide

Before you can reach the ending credits of New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to solve the mystery of the Ruins of Remembrance. This final area unlocks after you’ve snapped pictures of five Illumina Pokemon. Even after finding the secret fifth Illumina Pokemon, there’s still one left to locate — and they’re hidden in the Ruins of Remembrance. There’s a puzzle in the deep underground ruins, and we’ve going to provide all the in-depth answers.

New Pokemon Snap takes place on a series of islands with very unique Pokemon called Illumina Pokemon. To activate their special power, you need to throw a new item called Illumina Orbs. And before you can unlock these items — each island’s Illumina Orbs are unique — you need to take a picture of a glowing crystabloom flower. There’s a different color for each island. And getting the Illumina Orb is just step one of this puzzle.

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How To Unlock The Final Illumina Spot | Ending Guide

Before completing the challenge, you need to unlock the Gold Illumina Orb. To unlock it, take a picture of the glowing crystabloom opposite the Ancient Ruins right at the start of the Ruins of Remembrance route. The crystabloom is on the canyon wall to the right of the large hole you’ll drop down into.

Complete a run of the Ruins of Remembrance after taking a picture of the crystabloom, and you’ll unlock the Gold Illumina Orb on your next playthrough.

While in the Ruins of Remembrance, you need to activate 6 crystablooms in the underground ruins. Throw Illumina Orbs at each one — if you miss even one, you’ll have to restart from the beginning.

Crystabloom #1: Right next to the blue statue at the start of the underground ruin.

Crystabloom #2: Again, next to the red statue. You can’t miss it.

Crystabloom #3: To the left of the purple statue, there’s a bunch of rocky pillars. As you pass the statue, you’ll be able to spot it when you’re looking right.

Crystabloom #4: Next to the green statue, surrounded by Eldegoss. Throw fluffruit or just wait for them to disperse, then throw an Illumina Orb to light it up.

Crystabloom #5: The next crystabloom is hidden behind the Golurk. To get him to move, throw fluffruit at the Natu on his shoulder — play music, throw Illumina Orbs, just do whatever for that Natu to move. Golurk will move eventually — turn around, and you can make a longshot throw to activate this crystabloom.

Crystabloom #6: The final crystabloom is at the end, surrounded by the other crystablooms — if you activated all the previous ones, the statues will be glowing. Activate the gold crystabloom in the center to reactivate the ruins.

The altar at the end will glow gold! You’ll automatically change directions — and exit the level through an alternate method. Now you’ll be able to access the final Illumina Spot from the Research Camp. To complete the game, we just need to complete one more Illumina Spot.

How To Complete The Final Illumina Spot

The Legendary Pokemon that appears at the Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot is Xerneas. To get a picture of it, throw Illumina Orbs while it’s in orb form — if you land a hit, Xerneas will take physical form. While in this form, throw more Illumina Orbs at it until it glows. When a pattern appears on its body, take snaps! That’s its Illumina Form.

It’s much easier to get shots in the second room with the Ancient Ruins point-of-interest. Make sure to take a picture of the Ancient Ruins mural in the second room past the pool.