15 Best Modern Post-Apocalyptic Games

Post-apocalyptic video games are incredibly popular and we are always seeing this setting to tell their story or provide for some entertaining gameplay. In this list, we’re going to showcase fifteen incredible modern video game releases that are set around the post-apocalyptic theme. As a result, we’re sticking with games or remastered editions that launched for at least the last-generation console platform era so anything prior won’t be listed below. Likewise, since these games can be quite different in terms of genre and gameplay, don’t think of these games as ranked in a specific order.

#15 Mad Max

Platform : PC, XBOX ONE, Linux, macOS

Release Date : 1 September 2015 

PC, PS4, Xbox One 1 September 2015 

Linux, macOS 20 October 2016

Genre : Action-adventure, vehicular combat 

Mad Max is a bit of a hidden gem title despite how many times this game gets recommended out from media outlets. You’ll find a lot to love about this game and there’s a big open world waiting for players to drive around in both to scavenge and to fight off hostiles. Gamers will explore a giant desert wasteland as they battle foes in vehicle-based combat and it’s honestly a great game. Meanwhile, when you’re not fighting within vehicles you’ll find that the combat to be pretty quick full of brutal attacks and quick dodges.

#14 State of Decay 2

Platform : PC, Xbox One, XSX|S

Release Date : PC, Xbox One May 22, 2018 

XSX|S December 2, 2020

Genre : Survival 

State of Decay 2 is the latest installment for the franchise but it’s worth making note of the upcoming installment State of Decay 3. This game puts players into the zombie apocalypse where you’re attempting to survive. To do so players will need to build up a community that requires resources and civilians. As you venture into the open world for goods and coming across those in need, players will have to keep a close eye out for any hostile enemies that may be lurking about. Likewise, this game is a blast to play with friends as it offers multiplayer cooperative gameplay support. With that said, this is an open-world game full of areas to explore and scavenge while battling against the undead threats.

#13 The Division 2

Platform : PC, Xbox One, Stadia, PS4 

Release Date : March 15, 2019

Genre : Action role-playing, third-person shooter, tactical shooter 

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an MMO game that followed an agency that essentially acted as the last stand for the nation. The first title put players into the start of the apocalypse where a disease started to spread across the world forcing the government to use the Division as a means to keep order. While there was plenty of fans from the first game, it’s worth looking into Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. This is after the pandemic and into a new apocalyptic-kind of world.

What’s left of the Division is sent back to Washington D.C. to stop a new homeland terrorist organization trying to topple the government completely. Just like the last game, this is an MMO title where players can join in together and venture through the different missions or even take it on alone. Likewise, this is still a supported game with new content slated to launch into the marketplace to keep fans logging in regularly.

#12 The Long Dark

Platform : Linux, PC, macOS, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, Xbox One, PS4 August 1, 2017 

Switch September 17, 2020

Genre : Survival 

The Long Dark is a first-person survival video game where players take on the role of a pilot who has crash-landed into the frigid Canadian wilderness during what is called a geomagnetic storm. Here players are following our protagonist, Will Mackenzie who happens to be a pilot, and Dr. Astrid Greenwood.

The duo is having to transport something of great importance although not crashed, it’s all about survival.  Players will need to keep an eye on your vitals being in the harsh winter tundra, you have to stay warm, collect wood, set up fires, keep the fire going, even melting snow, and purifying the water is just one of the regular tasks you’ll have to endure. We can’t forget to mention the hostilities that you also will come across such as hungry wolves.

#11 Fallout 4

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date : November 10, 2015

Genre : Action role-playing 

There are several Fallout video games to look at for some great post-apocalyptic games, but if we’re sticking with more modern releases then we have to give it to Fallout 4. This particular installment throws players into the world right before the nuclear bombs are dropped. Making it to the vault for safety with your newborn child and spouse, players are made to enter chambers that put the vault inhabitants into a deep sleep until they are ready to once again resurface above. However, players wake up early to find kidnappers breaking into their spouse’s chamber, killing them, and stealing their newborn child.

Forced back into a deep slumber, players awaken again only to find that the kidnappers have fled with everyone else in the vault deceased. Now players emerge from the vault only to find a giant wasteland with nothing left but remnants of building structures. To figure out what happened to your child, players will need to venture into the open and find makeshift towns and NPCs to hopefully point our protagonist in the right direction. Along the way, players will get to meet up with several other groups that need a helping hand and hostile factions or mutated creatures.

#10 Days Gone

Platform : PC, PS4

Release Date : PS4 April 26, 2019 

PC Q2 2021

Genre : Action-adventure, survival horror 

Days Gone comes from Bend Studio who you would know for the Syphon Filter franchise which got its start back on the original PlayStation platform. With Days Gone, the studio delivered a post-apocalyptic game where players are stepping into the role of Deacon St. John who has turned into a drifter. With the world overrun with undead zombies, humanity has resorted to small factions and towns.

Rather than committing to a town, Deacon and his best friend Boozer continues to roam the world on their motorcycles and helping different towns with their problems in return for resources or funds to trade with. However, after all those years, Deacon St. John can’t shake the feeling that his wife, Sarah, may still be alive somewhere out there in the world. As a result, Deacon has continued to search out clues to figure out what happened to his wife when the apocalypse began separating the two from each other.

#9 Metro Exodus

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, Luna, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Linux, macOS

Release Date : PC, PS4, Xbox One 15 February 2019 

Stadia  19 November 2019 

Luna 20 October 2020

PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Linux, macOS 2021

Genre : First-person shooter, Survival horror 

Metro Exodus is a game that has players going through a world that’s already in shambles after a nuclear war. Similar to the Fallout franchise, this nuclear radiation has mutated several creatures leaving the world incredibly hostile. Here players are taking the role of Artyom following the events of Metro: Last Light. Artyom is seeking to travel east to start a new life through the journey to achieve this new life will span across a year. Players can expect plenty of areas to explore and moments that will keep them on the edge of their seats. This is currently the latest installment to the Metro franchise, but those that find this game of interest can find Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light which was previously released in 2010 and 2013.

#8 Wasteland 2

Platform : PC, OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, OS X, Linux September 19, 2014

Director’s Cut

PC, OS X, LinuxOctober 13, 2015

PS4, Xbox One October 13, 2015

Nintendo Switch September 13, 2018

Genre : Role-playing 

Wasteland 2 came out in 2014 which is a sequel to the 1988 Wasteland video game. This is a post-apocalyptic RPG title that follows the events of a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Long after the destruction of the world thanks to the nuclear war, the game is following a Ranger squad as you venture through the world as you attempt to keep your group safe but also meeting a slew of people along the way which will come with difficult decisions. The first Wasteland title had plenty of choices and consequences and that’s something that the developers brought along with the sequel which you can dive into right now and even its successor, Wasteland 3, although more people seem to enjoy Wasteland 2 a bit more.

#7 Frostpunk

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS

Release Date : PC April 24, 2018

PS4, Xbox One October 11, 2019

macOS February 24, 2021

Genre : City-building, survival 

Frostpunk is a bit different in terms of a post-apocalyptic video game from this list. While most games focus around zombies or some type of otherworldly disease that takes most of humanity out, Frostpunk instead we are given a volcanic winter that has turned the world into a tundra. Here players are given an RTS game where your job is to lead a group of civilians into new territory. Centered around a massive goal generator, the new town can thrive by keeping the generator-powered allowing the area to not only stay warm but also provide power.

From there it’s about building up the city with homes, resource deposits, among other useful buildings such as hospitals. However, this is a tough game as you’ll need to ensure that there are enough resources available to keep everyone happy and the generator running. This means making some tough decisions such as sending out a group to find some resources out in the wild. If you can’t keep the town’s inhabitants happy and filled with resources then you might have a mutiny that will be able to run the town successfully.

#6 Rage 2

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia

Release Date : May 14, 2019

Genre : First-person shooter 

Fans of the first Rage video games can find Rage 2 available to play on modern platforms today. Within the game, players are tossed into a post-apocalyptic world that has killed the majority of humanity thanks to an asteroid that struck the Earth. Meanwhile, players will be settling in on the role of a Ranger where you’re constantly battling all sorts of scum and enemies that are bringing nothing but havoc to the world. Fortunately, you’ll have a wide range of weaponry, vehicles, and even some useful power abilities that makes your battle for humanity’s survival along with order a bit easier.

#5 Far Cry New Dawn

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia 

Release Date : February 15, 2019 

Genre : Action-adventure, first-person shooter  

Far Cry New Dawn is a standalone sequel to Far Cry 5. Taking place after a nuclear disaster, players are wandering into Hope county once again which has experienced a super bloom. Now with the land shifted and changed from the destruction and natural forest takeover, players are forced into battling a new foe that has emerged. With bandits taking over control of Hope county, players will once again have a battle on their hands to keep the civilians safe from another tyrannical regime. With that said, if you’re familiar with Far Cry 5, you can expect the same style of gameplay mechanics with the title mainly being based around an FPS but again the landmasses have shifted a bit and offer players a new look at the game map.

#4 The Walking Dead Definitive Edition

Platform : Android, iOS, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, OS X, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Ouya , Kindle Fire HDX

Release Date : 

Episode 1

PC, Mac OS X April 24, 2012 / PS3 April 24, 2012 / Xbox 360 April 27, 2012 / iOS July 26, 2012 / Kindle Fire HDX December 19, 2013
Episode 2 

Xbox 360 June 27, 2012 / PC, OS X June 29, 2012 / PS3 June 29, 2012 / iOS August 29, 2012 / Kindle Fire HDX December 19, 2013 

Episode 3 

PS3 August 28, 2012 / PC, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 August 29, 2012 / iOS October 28, 2012 / Kindle Fire HDX December 19, 2013 

Episode 4 

PS3 October 9, 2012 / PC, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 October 10, 2012 / iOS November 8, 2012 / Kindle Fire HDX December 19, 2013 

Episode 5 

PS3 November 20, 2012 / PC, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 November 21, 2012 / iOS November 20, 2012 / Kindle Fire HDX December 19, 2013 

Retail version 

Mac OS XPCPS3Xbox 360 December 11, 2012 / PS Vita August 22, 2013 / PS4, Xbox One October 14, 2014 / Switch August 28, 2018 / Ouya TBA 

Genre : Graphic adventure Interactive drama 

Telltale Games The Walking Dead came out well before last-generation console platforms, but with that said there is the Definitive Edition which recently launched. Telltale Games a major player in the adventure game genre and while things didn’t last for the studio before they were closed down initially, the studio did manage to bring out a pretty incredible video game series out into the marketplace. The Walking Dead is arguably their biggest video game series to date, which likely helped since The Walking Dead was already a worldwide massive hit for the comic book and television series.

Regardless, this video game installment in particular follows a new group of characters that get swept up in the pandemic. Players are taking the role of Lee, a man who comes across a young little girl named Clementine that is alone during the zombie apocalypse. Taking the little girl in, the duo begins a hunt to find a safe city, although the world is far from a safe place with hostile creatures and humanity that is looking out strictly for themselves. This Definitive Edition offers some enhancements to the visuals while also packing the entire series for The Walking Dead together so you’re getting to see Clementine throughout the entire journey from start to finish along with some spin-off stories included into the mix as well.

#3 The Last of Us Remastered

Platform : PS3, PS4 

Release Date : 

PS3 June 14, 2013 

PS4 July 29, 2014 

Genre : Action-adventure, survival horror 

The Last of Us was a massive hit on the PlayStation 3 and it wasn’t long after the PlayStation 4 launched that we got a remastered edition for this game. Within this game, the players are dealing with a virus that turns humans into a fungus-infected creature so a bit like zombies. Most of the world has been taken over and with no real government control, small makeshift towns and factions were built up to keep their groups alive and well.

Players in this game are stepping into the role of Joel, a middle-aged man that gets a job to transport a young girl named Ellie across the country to an anti-government faction known as the Fireflies. What their purpose is with Ellie and why the need for her transportation isn’t revealed initially, but Joel reluctantly agrees. As players venture through the overgrown world full of hostile creatures and thug factions. Not to mention this is a pretty brutal and emotional game narrative as well.

#2 The Last of Us Part 2

Platform : PS4

Release Date : June 19, 2020

Genre : Action-adventure 

We can’t make mention of The Last of Us Remastered and not throw in The Last of Us Part 2. I’m going to try and avoid spoiling anything narrative-wise especially if you haven’t played the original installment. At any rate, this game does take place several years after the first title where we get to thrown into the role of a grown Ellie who has her world destroyed by an opposing faction. Now seeking revenge, Ellie begins a journey against all odds. This is a game that expands on the first installment. Players will have more variety of enemies, larger areas to explore, and an even more brutal gameplay experience. Likewise, with Ellie being quite a bit more nimble than Joel, players will have a bit easier time quickly dodging attacks and fleeing out of danger.

#1 Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform : PC, PS4

Release Date : PS4 28 February 2017 

PC 7 August 2020

Genre : Action role-playing 

Horizon Zero Dawn is another excellent example of a modern post-apocalyptic video game title. Released in 2017 by Guerrilla Games, the same development team that worked on the Killzone franchise for Sony, opted to bring out a new action RPG adventure. Players are stepping far into the future where humanity long ago has fallen. With only shells left of once-thriving cities, players will find that what’s left of humanity has resorted back into native tribes.

Little information is known about the world before, but we do know that humans are no longer the greatest threat in the world. Instead, we have massive mechanical beasts that roam the open world. In this game, players are stepping into the role of Aloy, a young huntress that was made an outcast as a newborn baby. Raised by another outcast, Aloy grows up to start a journey to figure out where she came from and why she was thrown out as a newborn. Along the way, Aloy will get to explore the open world, battle against these mechanical beasts, aid those in need, and battle against other hostile factions that are proving to be a problem.