3 Best PlayStation 4 Snowboarding Games

If you’re looking for some snowboarding video games on the PlayStation 4, you won’t find a lot of them. There are just three main contenders and it’s a bit unfortunate. The days of having some solid and varied installments are behind us at this point, but I wouldn’t mind the return of the likes of Amped and SSX. Still, there are three snowboarding simulation video games available for the PlayStation 4 which you can view down below.

#3 Snow

Starting off this list we have Snow a game that offers players the ability to snowboard, ski, and snowmobile down the mountain. While aiming to be a free-to-play video game title, it’s currently under beta which costs $19.99, but with it, players will get the founders edition which comes with some extra cosmetics and a snowmobile unlock. This is done simply to limit the userbase during the beta phase.

Similar to Steep, which is another game we’ll be getting into later in this list, Snow is an open-world style video game where players can freely explore and snowboard at their leisure. There is also the ability to create your mountains as well which comes with adding different jumps to decor if you’re feeling a bit creative.

However, outside of creating a mountain, players will be able to participate through a variety of challenges, gather collectibles, and travel to over forty different locations. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, there is no multiplayer which may change in the future but it looks like you’ll be going through this game as a solo experience.

#2 Mark McMorris Infinite Air

Mark McMorris Infinite Air is just a straight-up snowboarding video game. It doesn’t offer much in terms of a campaign or career mode, but what it does offer is the ability to quickly start carving down a side of a mountain. It’s a simulation-style snowboarding game as well so there are no insane over top tricks to be had here. You won’t be setting up for any insanity runs, but with that said, there’s plenty of slopes, ramps, and rails to make use of when you’re barreling down the soft powder towards the finish line.

Meanwhile, the controls are mainly based around the analog sticks with simple flicks, and holds will correspond to different style tricks within the game while in midair. While you can customize a bit of your character’s gear and participate in events, the main reason players would log back into this game regularly is the fact that there is a level editor.

Although the game features procedurally generated courses, the fact that there is a level editor will give players the creative freedom to craft some rather stunning courses. Those courses can then be uploaded online for others to enjoy as well and that means you’ll be able to also locate some new unique courses to attempt a run.

#1 Steep

Steep was Ubisoft’s latest attempt at bringing out an extreme winter sports style of video game that offers a range of activities. You can participate in paragliding, throw on a wingsuit and fling yourself off a mountain, to skiing and snowboarding. However, the latter two are where the game will likely present the most amount of fun. Again, this is a simulation style of the video game so nothing outlandish is here, but there is a massive mountain and it can feel like you’ll be snowboarding down a mountain rather endlessly.

With that said, you can open up the map and instantly transport yourself to other parts of the mountain so if you’re not feeling the run or would like to try a different area then you have the option to do so. You can also earn in-game currency as well which can be used for different styles of cosmetics and gear which will help give your character something a bit more unique. Furthermore, this is an online video game so you can find other players going down the mountain as well where you can link up and participate in races.

Likewise, it’s worth noting that if you have a solid run and would like to make the trail a challenge for other players to attempt then there is that option as well which is another means of connecting with the online community. I also can’t forget to mention that there are expansions for this game which will add more sports, events, and even mountain ranges.