The Elder Scrolls Online Essential UI Addons Guide

The simplest and easiest way to install UI add-ons in The Elder Scrolls Online is to pick up a nifty little program called Minion. 

Through the Minion interface, you’ll be able to download, install, and automatically update the mods you have installed in TESO without ever stepping foot onto a website. It’s as easy as the click of a button, and you can grab it here.

Regardless of whether you’ve installed Minion, you might be wondering which mods to download as there is a veritable host of them available for your perusal, some of which might not be as essential as others. 

Foundry Tactical Combat

This mod streamlines health, magic and stamina bars and provides pop-up warnings for combat events and reports your buff/debuff cooldown. A must-have for parties.


With this mod, you won’t have to open your map screen every time you lose your way. Having a minimap on screen at all times will ease your journey into Tamriel, especially if you’re looking for skyshards and the like. 


LootDrop graphically displays information such as the icon, quantity, rarity, and text on items you automatically loot when you have the auto-loot option enabled in TESO. It’s a time-saver.

Wykkyd’s Quest Tools

Provides the game’s best quest tracker, replacing the vanilla version with something far better. You’ll never lose sight of your quests ever again with this mod. 


As the name suggests, it helps you to find Skyshards on the map by adding map pins to their locations. You may not want to use this mod if you prefer to explore the world for Skyshards on your own. 


Similar to SkyShards, HarvestMap helps crafters easily find the locations of crafting material spawns by pinning them to the map. 

Inventory Grid View

Tired of having to scroll through lengthy lists of items? Inventory Grid View sorts everything into a grid with icons. 

Research Assistant

Helps you decide which items to keep by providing them with a helpful icon that tells you whether you’ve researched their traits or not. A must-have for crafters on the go.


Tired of spammers and chat flooders? This chat add-on will allow you to customize a dictionary full of words (e.g. “GOLD”) that will automatically filter them out of the chat so you won’t have to see them. Beats having to blacklist a billion spambots.