Watch Dogs: Legion – How To Find Defalt | Secret Mask Reward & Easter Egg Guide

Fans of Watch Dogs: Legion are currently trying to decipher a complicated ARG puzzle that involves QR codes and decryption and all that weird hacker stuff you’d expect from the tech-wizards of DedSec — the organization working to stop the takeover of the UK by a sinister PMC called Albion. The newest game in the series has strayed pretty far from its relatively grounded roots, giving you wild abilities and powerful technology to outwit your enemies.

But there’s one way that Watch Dogs: Legion looks back into the past — with a hidden mask Easter egg. That ARG puzzle I was talking about earlier? It all leads to a specific location on the London map. If you visit this hard-to-spot location at a specific time of the day on the in-game clock, you’ll access a hidden room with a bonus mask. It’s a fun little secret, and we’ll explain how to find it with screenshots below.

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How To Find Defalt’s Mask | Watch Dogs 1 Easter Egg Guide

To find Defalt‘s hidden lair, the DJ hacker / villain from the original Watch_Dogs — go to the location marked on the map above. It’s on the waterway at the City of London. Go east of the Millenium Bridge — that’s the small bridge just east of the TOAN Attack Site.

Go to the area marked on the map at 2AM in the morning, then enter the tunnel at the brick building with a ladder leading into the water. Jump down and examine the locked wooden gate near the water — at 2AM, this gate can be interacted with and opened.

Down in the strange dungeon below, you’ll find a party populated completely by mannequins. Go and interact with the crate under the desk where the mannequin is sitting at the DJ booth — it’s located in the back-left of the nightclub. Open the chest to gain the Defalt mask. Just open your inventory to equip this blast-from-the-past.

With Aiden Pierce as a playable DLC character and campaign, this isn’t the only reference to the original game that started the series — but it is one of the most absurdly well-hidden. The reward isn’t that mind-blowing, it is just a cool mask, but if you’re a fan from the beginning this is still pretty cool. And we can thank the Watch_Dogs community for solving the complicated ARG.