Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Voice Actor Interested In A Return

Watch Dogs just had its third installment released into the marketplace which should have plenty of fans eager to dive into the game this weekend. Unlike the previous installments, Watch Dogs Legion does something unique in that there’s no single-player available for players to go through the campaign. Instead, this title relies on players dabbling into multiple characters as they recruit them to join DedSec. Of course, because the game is set in London, there are countless characters to jump into at any given moment.

It’s the big selling point for Watch Dogs Legion as players can seek out characters with particular skills or attributes in order to complete their next mission. Of course, because there are so many characters readily available, Ubisoft has gone out of their way to make sure there are some staple characters you may want to find as well. This includes a brand new character named Darcy which is connected to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. However, outside of the newly released character, there are some familiar faces as well.

Included in the mix is the protagonist of Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce, and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2. However, this has posed the question from several fans on if we will see Watch Dogs 2 leading protagonist, Marcus. Currently, there’s no sign of him and at the very least the voice actor behind the character from Watch Dogs 2 hasn’t been called back to voice anything for Watch Dogs Legion

This big of information has come out during an interview with IGN where voice actor Ruffin Prentiss had expressed his interest in returning if Ubisoft ever calls. It does seem like a missed opportunity at the moment not to see the leading protagonist for Watch Dogs 2 make an appearance. Of course, this could very well be something Ubisoft has planned for a future season update. At the very least, it looks like Ruffin Prentiss is interested which may open the door up for Ubisoft to reach out. 

Source: IGN