Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Rob Everything | Perfect Pickpocket Guide

To become the perfect pickpocket in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need some help from your wizard friends. Enemies and friendly NPCs are packed with goodies on their bodies, and you can rob everyone with the Rogue class. Sneaking has been completely overhauled in the new game, and the system is far more robust than it’s ever been in Baldur’s Gate.

When you enter sneak mode in Baldur’s Gate 3, your rogue can pickpocket enemies without being seen. As long as you stay out of the red cone of vision, you can attempt a pickpocket attempt. Stealing is one of the best ways to make tons of cash, and it’s just fun — you can even do it to enemies that are way out of your league with the right gear. Grab everything from friendly NPCs and if they never notice you, you’re free to enjoy your ill-gotten gains.

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How To Pickpocket Any NPC

Before becoming a Master Thief, you’ll need to prepare — one of the best ways to prepare is by selecting the right species. Each fantasy race in Character Customization has specific bonuses that can give you an advantage. Here are the best races to play as if you’re looking to become a rogue.

  • Rogue Class | Best Species
    • High Elf
    • Woof Elf
    • Drow
    • Lightfoot
    • Strongheart

Any race can become a thief, but these races have a tiny edge over the rest. Now let’s talk about how to make your rogue into an unstoppable thievery machine.

  • NOTE: Summon Familiar is a useful spell that can distract enemies to look in whatever direction you want, or lure enemies away to a more secluded location.

How To Pickpocket Everyone

To become a master thief, you’ll need more than just your Rogue — you’ll also need Cleric and a Warlock. This method was shared by u/RobotWarrior433.

NOTE: Don’t forget to Save before attempting to pickpocket.

  • Cleric casts Guidance on Rogue.
  • Warlock casts Hex on whoever you’re trying to pickpocket.
  • Rogue enters Sneak and sneaks up behind the target to pickpocket.

You’ll have much better chances after casting Guidance and Hex. You’ll get a buff, they’ll get a debuff — and your Rogue will have a much higher chance of stealing stuff.

After stealing something from an NPC’s pocket, they’ll (usually) immediately notice and start looking around. Get out of there and wait for the NPC to re-enter their calm state. They’ll begin searching the area after the pickpocket is triggered — but they won’t keep looking forever.