Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Get The Owlbear Cub Companion | Secret Pet Guide

Owlbears are one of the more infamous enemies in Dungeons & Dragons, and you’ll be able to face one even in the very early goings of Baldur’s Gate 3. If you find the Owlbear Cave and defeat the big momma, you’ll discover a little surprise — a little baby Owlbear. It’s possible to add this little Owlbear to your camp. It’s all just for fun, but getting it is surprisingly challenging.

You’ll have to complete a few steps before the Owlbear will even think of coming to your camp. Without the right powers it’s impossible, so I recommend buying (or finding) a potion to allow you to talk to animals early. A gang of Goblins will torment the Owlbear. You’ll have to wipe them out or convince them to let the little Owlbear go. It’s all worth it for the simple pleasures of an Owlbear Cub.

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To gain your own cute (and extremely rare) Owlbear Cub, you’ll need to follow exact instructions to get these extremely cute menace to join your ranks. It is a wild animal after all.

  • How To Get The Owlbear To Join Your Camp:
    • Go to the Owlbear Cave and kill the Owlbear Mother.
    • Leave the Owlbear Cub alone — it will eventually eat the mother.
    • Return to your camp and have a Long Rest to pass time.
  • Go to the Goblin Camp. You’ll find the goblins chasing the Owlbear Cub.
    • Speak with the Goblin Leader and refuse to join in on their game of “chicken chase.”
    • Use a ‘Speak With Animals‘ potion or spell and talk to the Owlbear Cub. Ask the bear to join you.
      • The Owlbear refuses to join.
  • Talk to the Goblin Ringleader again. This time, state you want to take the Owlbear Cub with you. You’ll have to pass a check.
  • The Owlbear Cub will arrive after a few days. Choose to Long Rest in your camp and eventually the Owlbear will appear.

Alternatively, you can kill all the Goblins in the Goblin Camp — if you’re strong enough. Is there a benefit to having an Owlbear Cub in your camp? Well no. Not really. It’s just a really cute cub. What more do you want!

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