Hades: How To Unlock Erebus Chambers (& Make Them Much Easier)

Hades is a complicated rogue-like that constantly adds new features to your runs. Every time you die, the dungeons of Hades reshape themselves, and progressing unlocks permanently changes to the dungeons themselves.

One of those additions are the Erebus Chambers — optional rooms with battles that give you big rewards. Erebus Chambers are extremely helpful for grinding materials, and unlocking them isn’t exactly clear.

After unlocking them, you’ll have to beat them. These chambers are filled with difficult combat encounters, but there’s one helper you can summon that makes these fights a lot easier. Below I’ll cover how to unlock Erebus Chambers, and offer my #1 tip for conquering them. You’ll just need to make the right friend.

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How To Unlock Erebus Chambers

To unlock extra combat encounters in your dungeon runs, you need to unlock an upgrade at the Contractor.

  • Unlock the Infernal Gates at the Contractor for 2 Diamonds.
    • To unlock this option, you must defeat the final boss at least once and unlock the Deluxe Contractor’s Desk.

Erebus Chambers will only appear if you’re playing at a high Heat level — which increases the difficulty of your runs. You can choose your Heat Level before beginning a run. There are three Heat requirements for unlocking the Erebus Chambers.

  • 5 Heat: Erebus Chambers will open in Tartarus.
  • 10 Heat: Erebus Chambers will open in Asphodel.
  • 15 Heat: Erebus Chambers will open in Elysium.

Erebus Chambers give you gold, Centaur Hearts, Poms of Power, rare boons, and more useful resources if you manage to complete them. Here’s one trick that makes them much easier.

How To Make Erebus Chambers Easier

Erebus Chambers are tough challenges, but there’s one companion you can unlock that makes these battles a lot easier to handle — Skelly. When Skelly is summoned, he will draw enemy attention and absorb their attacks, distracting them while you can do your bloody work.

Unlocking Skelly is a little tricky. To full max him out, you need to do the following:

  • To max-out Skelly’s hearts you need to upgrade your Sword to +5 and destroy Skelly with it.
  • After that, continue to talk to him and give him Ambrosia to seal your companionship.

And that’s it! Once Skelly is fully leveled up, you’ll gain his special power and can summon him in Erebus. He’s incredibly useful, so don’t be afraid to bring him in when things get tricky.