Best Minecraft Texture Packs of 2014: Mega List

minecraft texture packs

Minecraft texture packs, or resource packs as they’re sometimes called, improve the original Minecraft textures of blocks, items, monsters, and more.

There are plenty of Minecraft HD texture packs which completely change the default feel of the game, some of which we’ve decided to showcase in the list below. While some change the vanilla game into something completely unrecognizable, others retain the original values of Minecraft by improving upon existing textures without making the game look too different from what Minecraft players are normally used to.

We’ve decided to feature both types of texture packs in the following list. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for among the unique and varied texture packs ahead.

16×16 Packs

16×16 packs share the same resolution as the game’s natural, vanilla textures. Most of them are overhauls that aim to make the game look completely different without causing a performance hit. You can click on the title to download the texture packs.

Stump Pack

Stump Pack is a series of texture packs meant to make the game look smoother and more natural than what the vanilla textures have to offer. 

Isabella II

The Isabella II texture pack is designed to make use of custom animated water and lava, offering a melancholic feel with brighter visuals compared to the original Isabella. 

Tweaked Chocolate

Twaeked Chocolate is a texture pack that allows you to customize the vanilla textures of Minecraft. It was created when its maker noticed a lack of texture packs allowing you to do so. 


The Pamplemousse pack aims to simulate the look and feel of an HD texture pack withint a compact 16×16 package. 

oCd Texture Pack

The oCd pack is “disco-fied”, “highly simplified”, and “slightly stylized”. Designed for obsessive, compulsive, and not the least bit disordered. 

Paper Cut-Out

Many people have made paper cut-outs that look like objects from Minecraft, but now you can reverse that and make Minecraft look like paper cut-outs! 

Familiar Yet Different

This is a rather simplistic pack that still manages to contain a fair amount of detail.

Boxcraft Reloaded

Boxcraft Reloaded aims to give the game “boxxy like textures”, to give Minecraft a smooth and clear look.

Nicolas Cage

Ever wish you could transform your entire game into faces of Nicolas Cage? This texture mod lets you do that.

Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Pack

Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Pack contains a vivid color scheme that turns Minecraft into a cartoon. 


Dandelion is a simple pack with style. And more cuteness than a basket of bunnies. 

Pixel Perfection

Pixel Perfection does not aim to make the game more realistic by introducing detailed textures. Instead, it introduces a completely different style that can best be described as medieval fantasy. 


MaxPack is a smooth cartoony and simple pack that’s designed to use only shadows and no highlights. 


The Painterly pack is one of the most popular texture add-ons for Minecraft. It’s a fully customizable 16×16 package that seeks to improve the graphics of the game while attempting to keep the overall spirit of the game intact. 

Good Morning Craft

Good Morning Craft is a “simple, yet quirky” 16p texture pack that offers a complete overhaul of the textures on Minecraft with no FPS loss. 


Jolicraft, or “HappyCraft” is a highly spirited texture pack created by one man for himself, which he decided to share. 


The Wayukian pack for Minecraft is a highly detailed 16×16 pack for Minecraft that aims to provide new skins for everything in the game. It’s got plenty of gradients.

Pixel Reality

Pixel Reality is probably the most realistic looking pack you’ll find at the game’s default resolution. 


Romecraft is based on ancient Roman-style materials. It does not change a lot, except for building materials. 


Shortbread is meant to be simple and smooth yet full of detail, giving a completely refreshing look to Minecraft while keeping the same 16-bit feel. 


32×32 Packs

32×32 packs are double resolution textures that aim to improve the graphical fidelity of Minecraft while retaining some semblance of the game’s simple and pixelated art direction. You can click on the title to download the texture packs.


The faithful pack is a double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures.

John Smith: Legacy

John Smith: Legacy is a modern-looking texture pack that aims to make the game look more realistic.

DokuCraft: The Saga Continues

DokuCraft: The Saga Continues is a continuation of the original DokuCraft texture pack. It comes in three variations: light, dark, and high. 


OzoCraft brings a realistic and rustic feel to the world of Minecraft while retaining the game’s playful feeling. 


DustyCraft makes Minecraft look like something out of a painting. 


VondoomCraft features a ‘horror-pop’ style that’s beautiful and grotesque. 


Inspiration aims to inspire Minecrafters with its jaw-dropping and detailed textures. 


Conquest is designed for adventure maps in mind, because that’s the overarching theme of the pack—adventure. 


Summerfields is inspired by the game Fable: The Lost Chapters and 16x texture packs like Jolicraft and GoodMorningCraft. 


If you think Minecraft looks a little too flat and bland, Defined aims to give it some subtle depth. 


Blocksmith aims to animate textures, within reason. 

A’therys Ascended

The A’therys Ascended Resource Pack is based on the Conquest pack and inspiration for it comes from games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. 


64×64 and Above

64×64 texture packs and above are very high definition texture packs that can cause a slight hit to performance on computers that aren’t able to run the game quite as fast as some beastly rigs. They provide the game with high definition textures that aren’t otherwise available in the base game. You can click on the title to download the texture packs.


R3DCraft comes in everything from 32x to 512x, and aims to make the game as realistic looking as it possibly can.


BDCraft is a high resolution comic-themed pack for Minecraft that’s also available for the Pocket Edition of the game.


ChromaHills is a cartoon texture pack with an RPG twist. It’s like something out of the game Skyrim. 


Soartex is a texture pack that’s both smooth and clean and aims to keep it that way.

Ovo’s Rustic Redemption

As the name implies, the texture pack aims to bring a rustic feel into Minecraft—at a high resolution. 

Traditional Beauty

Traditional Beauty is designed for lovers of the original Minecraft textures but want them at a higher resolution. 

David’s Drawn Texture Pack

David’s Drawn texture pack is a 64×64 set that’s set in the middle ages, so it’s perfect for anyone aiming to build castles and medieval villages.

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is a smooth, clean, happy RPG. Use this pack to brighten up your day with a little fantasy and wonder.


Faithful is another 64×64 texture pack that’s based on the original textures but puts them in high resolution. 


As the name suggests, this texture pack is designed to have a calming and relaxing effect on the player.

Guruth’s Medieval Fantasy

A remixed resource pack intended for medieval/fantasy themed worlds. 


Faerielight is a very high definition realistic texture pack that comes in both 128×128 and 256×256 versions.