The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon DLC – How To Complete All Side-Quests

The doomed corporate campus on Gorgon is full of main-quest locations to explore and marauders to battle, but you can get some of the best rewards by completing side-quests. There are only a handful of side-quests, and some of them are really easy to miss. One of them nets you a powerful Science Weapon, and most of them involve searching the many locations of Gorgon.

If you’re lost and need help completing the quests, or just want to find out where these quests are located, we’ve got full side-quest guides for all the optional jobs we’ve found on Gorgon. There are some pretty big missions, and doing them all will take you to every corner of the desolate rock. If you’re looking for rare guns and extra activities, we’ve got all the info you need.

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Llama Package Location | Rendezvous At Llama Quest Guide

Talk to the crew at the massive fossil west of the OCI Building’s lower entrance. You’ll find a lost group of crashed survivors standing under the huge fossil. Talk to the first mate to begin the “Rendezvous At Llama” quest. They’re looking for a package under a llama, but where is it?

  • Llama Location: The package is located down the path east of the OIC lower entrance. Go past the Worker Domiciles and you’ll see the Llama Rock just before reaching the Marauder Stronghold in the bottom southeast corner of the map.

Return the package to the crew and you’ll earn a bunch of bits — and a matching crew uniform! Now you can dress just like the rest of this very strange crew.

All Phonograph Locations | The Electric Fling Quest Guide

Talk to Roscoe Clanton on the third floor of the Sprat Shack to begin this quest. You’ll need to find four lost phonographs — some in areas that can only be unlocked once you progress the main story.

  • Phonograph #1: OCI Building – Found in the theater / projector room. Go up to the room with three computers. It’s on the shelf near the ruined wall.
  • Phonograph #2: Executive Suites – Check the Executive Suits apartment building to the right of the OCI Upper Exterior door. It’s up the left-hand stairs, in the left-most second floor apartment. Look on the shelf next to the bed.
  • Phonograph #3: CHEM Lab – In the huge main cavern, find the “MAIN LAB” on the west side of the interior map. The phonograph is in the lab storage map.
  • Phonograph #4: HIA Building – Found in the upper observation room above Test Chamber 3. Located at the upper door to Test Chamber 3, behind a pipe.

You can choose to go to Georgie’s Robot or go back to Roscoe to earn bits. If you return to Georgie, he’ll also give you the Wall of Swords

How To Enter The Secret Hideout | Dialog Between Dead Men Quest Guide

The Secret Hideout is in the cave at the bridge leading to the Upper Office of Creative Incubation entrance door. Using the terminal at the secret hideout door will begin the quest ‘Dialog Between Dead Men’.

  • Comic #1: Found near the OCI Building. From the Executive Suites, follow the cave path (filled with mines) up until you find Maurice’s Research Site. It’s on the crate to the right of the table.
  • Comic #2: Find in the mines in the northeast edge of the Gorgon map. Enter the mines and go left, then look on the table in the small outpost.
  • Comic #3: Found behind the HIA Facility. You don’t need the key to unlock it! Just follow the cave path behind the facility entrance. At the rear door, go right and look inside the small building. There’s a comic on the black art desk.
  • Comic #4: Found in the far south edge of the map. Take the elevator down into the chemical waste run-off ravine and reach the CHEM Lab Lower Exterior. Cross the bridge and enter the dead-end canyon to find the final comic location.

Return to the Secret Hideout door south of the Upper Office Of Creative Incubation and use the door terminal. You’ll need to successfully answer a series of questions.

  • Question #1 Answer: Sissak Sassadrass, Spindle Knight of Olympus!
  • Question #2 Answer: The skull of King Alpha’s own mother!
  • Question #3 Answer: Tricking Archibald with his dastardly Mind Control Ray!
  • Question #4 Answer: With a bolt of lightning from above!

Notice the obvious way to tell which answer is correct? The correct answer always ends with an exclamation point!

Inside you’ll find the P.E.T. Science Weapon. The P.E.T. is a plasma-based 2-Handed Melee weapon that causes bleed, and draws enemies closer when prepping a power attack or a sweep attack.

Where To Find The Flask | Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death Quest Guide

Talk to Leonara on the second floor of the Sprat Shack. She’ll ask you to find Jerome’s Flask to complete her quest. As a reward, you’ll give you the extremely useful Medal of Honor heavy assault rifle.

  • Jerome’s Flask Location: The Flask is in the kitchen of Leonara’s old apartment, in the Gorgon Ruins area. Use the elevator on the right travelling on the lower passage east of the Sprat Shack / Landing Pad.

When you return, you can lie, or tell her the truth about her husband. It’s pretty grim, but the Medal of Honor is one of the best weapons in the game.

That’s all the side-quests we’ve found so far! We’ll add more quest solutions as we discover them.