10 Games You Didn’t Know Were Secret Sequels

Code Vein Is A Secret Sequel To God Eater

Code Vein is a vampiric action-RPG that’s pretty similar to Dark Souls gameplay wise, but the story is actually connected to God Eater. God Eater is kind of a post-apocalyptic Monster Hunter, where anime-inspired protagonists punch bizarre demons called Aragami. The Aragami link both series — later in Code Vein, it’s revealed that your strange city surrounded by mist is protected from the Aragami ravaging the rest of the world.

Both series are set on a ruined Earth ruined by rampaging monsters — Aragami or Revenants — and both series are riffs on different sorts of popular gameplay styles. The anime-inspired visuals are another link that goes beyond the explicit call-out in the story. Maybe we’ll see a crossover between these B-Tier games in the future? A Dark Souls x Monster Hunter style game might be cool!

Mother 3 Is A Secret Sequel To Earthbound / Mother 2

This kind of breaks the rules of this list — these games are in the same series, and they share an insane amount of similarities. They’re both about kids going on a worldwide adventure. They’re both about Americana-infused towns, and heroes with psychic powers wearing striped shirts. There are aliens and Giygas (ultimate evil lifeform) is usually involved in some way.

So why didn’t we know Mother 3 was actually a secret sequel? Because of the ending! These games are never explicitly linked, until the conclusion of Mother 3. Throughout the game, you fight weird invaders called the Pigmask Army. These stormtroopers are trying to change the world, and change it by creating a massive city.

At the top of the final dungeon tower, you encounter the true master of the Pigmask Army. It’s Pokey, the annoying antagonist and sidekick to Giygas in Earthbound. And it’s literally the same guy! He’s travelled to an alternate dimension, invading other worlds, and he’s wasting away inside the strange containment suit you fought him in during the last battle of Earthbound. It’s a surprising twist in a series that’s so adverse to continuity.

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