10 Ridiculous Video Game Cliff-Hangers That Never Got Resolved

Darth Vader Is Captured By The Rebellion [Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is a very bad game. The original features two open endings that are arguably even more ridiculous than this one — but nobody expected those endings to get any follow-through. They’re just wacky alternate-universe endings that exist for the pure fun of Star Wars what-if scenarios.

The light side ending to The Force Unleashed 2 demands an explanation. As a weird clone, you have to track down your evil science-daddy Darth Vader and defeat him. Defeating him doesn’t lead to killing, instead the Dark Lord is handed over to the rebellion. There’s just something so absurd about Darth Vader being held prisoner by the rebellion. Where would they put him? What would they feed him? Does he have to take off his armor and use the showers like everyone else? I need more!

Jackie’s Dead Girlfriend Turns Into A Sexy Evil Angel [The Darkness 2]

I’m one of those people that really loves The Darkness 2. The action is smooth, fun, and frenetic — and the eerie interstitial visits to the asylum are effective. But the ending? Woof.

After defeating your current nemesis, Jackie encounters his dead girlfriend Jennie — only this time, she’s been hijacked by an evil angel called, well, Angelus. After taking her over, she leaves Jackie and his demon pals trapped in an endless void. Game over.

It’s weird enough to leave Jackie seemingly defeated, but it’s even weirder how sexualized Jackie’s dead (and practically naked) girlfriend is depicted. She was such an innocent presence in the original game, and now she’s become a ludicrous, generic M-Rated video game character. Who asked for any of this?

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