The Best New Medieval Games Of 2020

There is a big market for Medieval games. Each year we get a brand new batch of games set around the medieval times and if you’re a fan of the setting then you may want to check out our list down below. Here are some of the best new and anticipated video games slated for a release before 2021 hits. While no list is definitive, these are simply some great games worth checking into, of course, if you have some other games worth adding into the list then let us know by leaving a comment down below.

#10 Chivalry 2

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2 will offer exactly what gamers would expect from this franchise so far. This is a multiplayer-focused FPS medieval hack-and-slash game with the support of up to 64 players in a battle. Developers have taken a keen approach in delivering a gameplay experience that would mimic big cinematic battles. It’s clear that there is certainly a market for these games still after the success of Mordhau in 2019, which offered a very similar experience to Chivalry. We don’t have a specific release date yet for the game outside of being available sometime in 2020. With that said, it does look like we’ll see Chivalry 2 release exclusively for a year on the Epic Games Store.

#9 Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is an interesting title that puts players in control of a village. It’s a mix of simulation and management as you’re playing in the first-person perspective, but overall, it’s kind of like a city-builder. You’re building different areas of the village and growing it up to be something of a bustling city. Everything from having to hunt, take on quests, trade, along with connecting with NPCs are involved. Not to mention, you’ll still need to monitor all your important vital signs so it’s got a bit of a survival element attached as well. We’re not sure if it’ll release this year, but it’s certainly popped up on our radar to keep an eye on.

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