10 Times The Main Character Went Bad | Best Hero Heel-Turn Battles

Is Richter Really Evil? [Castlevania: Symphony of the Night]

Richter Belmont isn’t just the hero of Castlevania X, he’s also the first character you play as in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Richter’s sudden turn to side with evil is pretty unbelievable — I mean, really? A Castlevania game where you don’t fight Dracula? On your first playthrough, it seems entirely possible! You’ll do battle with Richter. You’ll get your butt kicked with holy water, crosses, and all those other familiar sub-weapons.

If you don’t solve the game-length puzzle, you might even think Richter’s heel-turn is real! Back around the time of release, many players would’ve expected the game to be over. Now we know that Richter was possessed, but back then, nobody expected a second castle to explore. If someone pulled something like that in a new game, nobody would see it coming. It’s an epic twist — you’re only 50% done with the game. And its all thanks to the Richter fake-out.

Bullet Hell [Time Crisis 5]

Did you even know there are five Time Crisis games? Most of us played Time Crisis 2 — available in every movie arcade in the country. Do you remember anything about the heroes? You know, those guys in blue / red jackets?

Well, Time Crisis 5 expects you to remember. One of those jacketed dudes has turned evil and gone rogue. You’ll only learn this in the True Mastermind Edition of Time Crisis 5, which completes the story and reveals one of the gun-toting guys you played in Time Crisis 2 is the real villain! The final battle against an equally-skilled gun-fighter with similar powers to… uh… take cover (?) — is an awesome way to end the series.

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