10 Times The Main Character Went Bad | Best Hero Heel-Turn Battles

Caim’s Curse [Drakengard 2]

Look, Drakengard is a really depressing, really weird series of games. They aren’t that great to play, but die-hard fans swear by the narratives for good reason. These are dark, complex stories with tragic endings — and they’re extremely weird. Like, giant nightmare babies eating people weird.

The second game in the series features a new dragon-riding character called Nowe. The last guy was called Caim, and he appears as both a friend and an opponent — you’ll work with him before clashing with Caim in a final battle. I don’t even know how to describe this game, and I’ve played it! I just know you end up mercy killing Caim — according to the series creators, soldiers that brutally kill thousands of people like Caim don’t deserve happy endings. And there are no happy endings waiting for the new characters in Drakengard 2.

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Mr. X’s Proposal [Streets of Rage]

That Drakengard stuff was really heavy. Let’s lighten the mood with something a whole lot goofier — Mr. X! Everyone’s favorite machine-gun toting businessman / crime boss that builds armies of robots on his private tropical island has a proposal for the players. You can choose to join Mr. X instead of fighting him at the end of the game. Say yes, and you’ll have to fight your co-op partner in a one-on-one fight.

This is for real. And it isn’t the only example of an end-game death fight on this list. Depending on whoever has the most beat-em-up skills, you might be the victor or you’ll wallow in defeat. This is one of those rare heel-turns that’s entirely depending on the quality of your friends — if they agree to join Mr. X, they’ve truly turned to the dark side.

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