10 Times The Main Character Went Bad | Best Hero Heel-Turn Battles

Alex Vs. JC Denton [Deus Ex 2: Invisible War]

Early in this extremely consolized sequel, main character Alex learns that she (or he) is the offspring of JC Denton. It isn’t that shocking of a twist — I mean, everyone is related in video games. No, the real shocking twist comes at the end of the game, where you can choose to fight JC Denton instead of joining up with him.

Returning to the ruins of the Statue of Liberty from the original Deus Ex, which is the famous first mission, you’ll have to pick which side of the ‘invisible war’ to fight on. Two out of three of those choices involve splattering your pal JC Denton. Heck, there’s even a fourth option where you kill all three! Seeing as JC Denton is unquestionably the good guy in this scenario, this probably counts as the evil path.

So why is he on this list? JC Denton sure turns on his kid awfully fast. Suspiciously fast if you ask me. Maybe he wanted to get rid of you all along.

Kain Continues To Be Really Evil [Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver]

Every game after Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is about fighting the original protagonist — Kain. I’ve got to admit, this is barely a heel-turn for one simple reason. Kain was always super evil! Okay, in the original game, it was sorta possible to plain as a regular protagonist. You were after revenge, but you also wanted to get a cure for vampirism. That’s totally in the orbit of good guy stuff.

By the sequels, Kain’s white hat is thrown out the window. Kain is an immortal ruler, and one of his discarded lieutenants becomes the new series protagonist. After being betrayed by Kain, said discarded lieutenant goes on his own bloody path for revenge. There’s a whole lot of revenge going on in this list — like a lot more than I realized.

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