6 Ways PlayStation Now Can Be a Success

PlayStation Now impressed a lot of people when Andrew House officially revealed it on this year’s CES. While a lot us knew that Gaikai was intended for streaming old games, it was a nice surprise to hear that you do not need a console to stream these games. You can play games on a mobile phone, tablet, and on Sony Bravia televisions. Pretty soon they’ll be rolling the service out to non-Sony devices. It’s an excellent move to market PlayStation services to the mainstream market.

The company also recommended users to have a 5Mbps connection if they intend to use the service. For Americans, this is certainly above the average internet speed for most states in the nation. Third world countries still need to catch up, but I predict that they can accommodate PlayStation Now when Sony decides to roll the service out to other countries.

So, what steps can Sony take to make its new service a success? Read on for more.