The Best Minecraft Mods You’ll Want To Install

Mods can be frowned about online when you play competitive video games. However, for titles like Minecraft, using mods can further enhance the single player game. You’ll get new tools to help build remarkable worlds or given assets to further enhance the world with unique items. Minecraft has a plethora of mods available to use so if you’re getting a bit bored with the standard game and want to change things up, take a look at some of the best mods available right now.

Just Enough Items

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Minecraft is a massive game and within the world, there are plenty of different blocks and items to gather. If you ever wanted to know just what items were required to craft a certain object then you should look into Just Enough Items. This is a useful tool as it allows players to access a menu of all the items broken down into categories. From there you can easily view the items recipes in order for it to be crafted.


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Waila, also known as What Am I Looking At, is a small but incredibly useful tool in-game. With this tool, any block you aim at you’ll get an alert of what that particular item is. This way if you stumble upon something you’re not quite sure what it is or maybe if the item came from a mod, Waila will save you some time trying to figure out what you’re looking at. It’s simple and small mod but incredibly effective. 


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If you ever felt that Minecraft was lacking on items to give your builds a bit more decor then you will want to check into Decocraft. This mod adds thousands of items in your Minecraft world, some of which are actually usable. You can craft up toys, bridges, holiday decorations, lamps, mirrors, among so many other vastly different options to make your map a bit more unique. 

Biomes O’Plenty

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While there are a few diverse different Biomes for players to explore, you can drastically add more to the mix. This includes new vegetation and building blocks both for the Otherworld and Nether. It’s been a rather popular mod for Minecraft so chances are if you haven’t installed this mod, you at the very least know of it. 


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LotsOMobs is similar to Biomes O’Plenty. It’s a mod that adds several different unique animals in the wild. You’ll find over twenty different new animals such as camels, lions, mammoth’s elephants, to even dinosaurs. If anything, this will give your world a bit more lively aesthetic with various creatures roaming around. 


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Portals have a distinct look in Minecraft and one of the issues some may have with them is that you don’t really know where you’ll end up if it’s your first time jumping into one. Not to mention there is a loading screen that will require players to wait until they are loaded into the map. With the Betterportals mod players can not only create uniquely shaped portals but also have a clear view of the spawn. Likewise, this will not have a loading screen so players are able to freely walk into the portal without anything slowing down their gameplay.


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A lot about Minecraft is crafting up your own world. Digging out dirt, clearing rocks, mining for goods, and simply exploring the world. While you can upgrade your tools to make things go by a bit easier, there is not much in terms of automatic tools to really help you make some progression. That where the Caterpillar mode comes into play. This mod will provide a tool that can help make a 3×3 mineshaft where you can set the machine up and let it go to work. It’s a simple mod that can make a big difference when crafting up your base or simply looking to gather loot a bit quicker. 

Minefactory Reloaded

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Minefactory Reloaded is a lot like the Caterpillar mod but it provides several different automatic machines. You have things that could help you farm mobs, transport items, processing, plant farming, among a wide range of other useful tools to make going through the game a bit more seamless than doing all of these processes by hand. 

Enigmatica 2

If you’re not wanting to load each and every Minecraft mod into the game then going with Enigmatica 2 may be helpful. It’s a mod that adds over two hundred mods into the world, some of which we have covered earlier on this list like Biomes O’Plenty. As a result, this could be not only a great starter mod but it might be the only mod you’ll need to load into the game.


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