XCOM: Chimera Squad – Raid The Sacred Coil Cathedral Guide | Hardest Mission Walkthrough

XCOM: Chimera Squad lets you choose which enemies you face-off against == and the order you pick is critical to your success. Basically, as long as you don’t pick the Sacred Coil first, you’re golden. This challenging group of hybrid alien religious zealots uses an array of special technology and robot minions to make your life difficult.

They’re already pretty tough, but their final investigation mission is just absurd if you’re not properly prepared. Because I’ve heard so many complaints about the final mission, I wanted to share my tips for handling this challenge. With the right supplies, just about any team can win — but, you’ll seriously want to bring Patchwork. Her ability to hack androids, turrets, and MECs can make your life so much easier it isn’t even funny.

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Raid The Sacred Coil Cathedral Mission Guide

The final mission of the Sacred Coil investigation is one of the hardest in the game. You’ll have to fight through three waves and two boss encounters. In my experience, it is the hardest of the three investigation final missions — so be prepared and go in with your toughest team.

  • Recommended Team: Axiom, Claymore, Terminal, Patchwork

Encounter 1:

  • Bring anti-robot weapons if you have any. Equip AP Rounds to punch through heavy robot armor. Shock Grenades are also especially effective against robots.
  • Claymore and Patchwork are useful here for their hacking and armor-shredding abilities.
  • When you enter, a Gatekeeper will appear from the portal. Be prepared, because you’ll have to fight that guy later!
  • Take out the Guardian first in the breach phase. Use Patchwork’s Reprogram and Chaining Jolt to stun / disable the rest of the robots in the room.
  • Reprogram helps a ton here. If you hack the androids, you can use them to disable the generator on one side.
  • Claymore is great once fully upgraded. Drop two Shrapnel Bombs and set them off with another party member, or use Sticky Grenade to force enemies out of cover and hurt their friends.
  • Try to clear most of the enemies before reinforcements. Once there are only a few left, rush down and disable both generators or reinforcements will pour in. You absolutely want to stop those reinforcements, even if you take some damage.

Encounter 2:

  • There are two Vents you can access. Enemies are pretty hard to hit from the front, so use the vents if you can to get good hits on their Guardians and other high-priority targets.
  • Bellus Mar, the leader of the Sacred Coil, appears in this encounter. He’s a beefed-up Ronin, so use everything you can to slow him down and stun him. He’s weak to special attacks like Chain Shot or Banish.
  • The Gatekeeper will generate a whole bunch of Spectral Zombies near Bellus Mar. Chaining Jolt and Shrapnel Bomb are great for whittling down the group. Godmother’s Close Combat Specialist ability can deal with them at close-range if you’ve equipped her with an extended magazine.
  • Bellus Mar is immune to mental status effects, and he’ll mostly stay out of the fight until his zombies are wiped out. When the way is clear, he’ll go all-out. Be prepared with Chain Shot or other multi-attack weapons to quickly deal with him.

Encounter 3:

  • The final encounter also has two vents you can use.
  • Save MediPatch, Combat Scanners, and any other bonuses you have for this stage. Use everything you’ve got. It helps to bring MediPatches to heal.
  • Most likely, you’ll face off against an Andromedon as you enter. Go ahead and use three breachers to destroy the suit. You’ll face multiple turrets and androids — I recommend saving one so you can reprogram it.
  • In this final encounter, you’ll have to fight the Gatekeeper. This opponent has five armor — this is where AP Rounds will really, really come in handy.
  • Use Chain Shot, Rapid Fire, or Banish right away when you face off against the Gatekeeper. Use all your grenades right at the start to stun or drop the shields of as many enemies as you can.
  • Drop double Shrapnel Bombs with Claymore to shred away armor and quickly deal with the enemies in the center of the room. Combine that with Shock Grenades to keep them stunned.
  • Bring Terminal and save Second Wind for this encounter. If you save all your heavy weapons and abilities for the final round, you can safely use Terminal’s Second Wind earlier in the battle.

With this mission complete, you’ll have finished the hardest of the three final investigation missions. Now you’re free to tackle your next investigation with powerful Dragon Rounds. Set enemies on fire with bullets!