XCOM: Chimera Squad – ‘Take Down Atlas’ Walkthrough | Final Mission Guide

Once you complete all three investigations in XCOM: Chimera Squad, you’ll be thrust into a final battle against the mysterious ATLAS. The villain that’s masterminding the unrest in C31 is waiting behind an army of enemies — and you’ll need to prepare yourself for one final slog. This missions throws you into four encounters, and you’ll have to manage your resources while struggling to keep your operators alive.

For this mission, I highly recommend making sure you fully equip and assign a fifth back-up member to your squad. Don’t settle for a crummy android replacement — make sure there’s room for a leveled-up character with all the gear they’ll need. By the end of the game, you’ll probably have a whole lot of extra cash anyway.

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Take Down Atlas – Final Mission Guide

Recommended Team: Patchwork, Terminal, Godmother, Claymore, Blueblood (Encounter 3)

Encounter 1: Shooting Range

  • Raiding Atlas HQ, you’ll push into Firing Range. The most dangerous enemies (on Normal difficulty) are Hitmen and MECs. Target the Hitmen if you can, or take down the MECs.
  • This first encounter is light, so don’t waste you valuable items here.

Encounter 2: Elevator Lobby

  • This encounter has an explosive wall and a keycard door. One strategy you can use is to bring a Smoke Grenade and use it for the explosive breach point, while your second team flanks from the Secure Entrance.
  • This room is packed with Dominators, Resonants and Necromancers. Focus on the Dominators first — Necromancers take a turn to use their abilities, so Dominators are the most immediate threat.
  • Again, this is a fairly light encounter. Clear the way and don’t waste your gear. Keep everyone healthy, and use a Medi-Patch during the breach if you need a boost.
  • Before collecting the keycard, move everyone near the large exit door. After collecting the key, reinforcements will spawn at the start of the next turn.

Encounter 3: Rooftop

  • The next encounter only has one breach point. This is your last chance to use breach abilities. You won’t be able to use any in the final encounter.
  • Take out the Guardians first — if you can. The rest of the Acolytes and Adders aren’t a problem. Once two enemies are left, reinforcements will begin appearing on the roof.
  • A squad of Brutes will appear next, lead by a Praetorian. On the roof, you’ll have to deal with a constant stream of reinforcements from the elevator. Fight toward it so you can be prepared, but don’t rush ahead if you’re not clearing enemies. It’s easy to get overwhelmed here.
  • Blueblood is especially useful for this particular encounter. This is one of the largest maps in the game, so +Aim Holoscanner pairs well with his Deadeye ability.
  • The next wave of reinforcements consists of Adders, Pythons, and a Purifier. Pythons are high priority due to their binding ability.
  • There’s high cover in the center of the rooftop. Fight to this position and use it to hold the swarm of enemies back. This is the hardest part of the final mission — make sure you’re well-protected with smoke grenades and high cover or the overwhelming number of enemies will smoke you.

Encounter 4: Command Center

  • The final battle has four separate rappel points. You won’t be able to use breach abilities here.
  • There’s a mix of every different type of enemy here. Priority should be Ronin and the Praetorians. If you’ve got enough Aim, you’ll be able to take down the Ronin and one Praetorian.
  • In the command center, you’ll encounter Sovereign — a fanatic that’s working to prepare the world for the Elders return. Sovereign is a boss Hitman in the center of the map.
  • If you have Claymore, drop two Shrapnel Grenades on Sovereign’s position. He won’t move if you place a bomb on both sides of him.
  • Save a Plasma or Frag Grenade and use it to smash Sovereign’s cover. Use Chain Shot or Rapid Fire, and you’ll be done with the boss.
  • Take down Sovereign fast! As long as Sovereign is standing, he’ll summon reinforcements. After downing him once, he’ll enter a Stasis state to protect himself. Use this time to wipe out some of his friends.

Once the final encounter is clear, you’ll complete the campaign! There’s still a whole lot you haven’t explored — like all those other operators you aren’t able to recruit in a single playthrough. Now’s the time to dive back in and turn up the difficulty for a new experience.