Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – How To Make The Most Money | Workshops Guide

Your retinue needs cash to survive in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, and once you’ve saved up a little nest egg, you’ll be able to start purchasing workshops. Right now, in the Early-Access version of Bannerlord, workshops are easily the best way to earn huge amounts of cash — like, ridiculous amounts if you keep your shops supplied.

For about 16,000 Denar, you can purchase your very own workshop. If you’re the owner, you’ll earn a passive income every in-game day. All you have to do is keep the workshops stocked with goods they need. Each workshop is different, and it isn’t exactly clear how to buy a workshop, or how to restock one. Below I’ll explain everything you need to start your mercantile empire off right.

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To start earning endless money, you’ll need to save up. Workshops are (currently) the best way to earn money in the game, but you’ll need at least 16,000 Denars before you can start buying.

There are some early game quests you can complete to earn big cash.

  • Unlock the first Trading / Smithing skills to make a larger profit from hunting bandits.
  • Hunt bandits, collect their gear (you may want to invest in mules to carry more weight) and sell it at town markets.
  • With smithing, you can take the loot and melt it down for raw materials. You can refine the raw materials for more profits, or craft items to sell.

That’s an easy way to start scoring cash early in the game, but eventually you’ll want more. Workshops can help you earn 10,000+ Denar daily. You can earn upwards of 15,000 or more, depending on the workshops you purchase, the locations, and if they’re well stocked.

How To Purchase / Manage Workshops

As of Early-Access, the two more profitable workshops are the Smithy and Wood Workshop. The Woodworkers are the most profitable, and a Clan (Tier 1) can own up to two workshops at once. Workshops cost 15,000-20,000 Denars.

  • Travel to a town, hold [Left Alt] to find a town workshop. You can find Tanneries, Wood Workshops, Smithies and more.
  • Talk to the Workshop vendor and agree to purchase the workshop. You can choose to change the type of shop — I recommend Wood Workshops.
  • Once your Workshop is purchased, you’ll need to keep them stocked with materials. Wood Workshops need Hardwood — you can acquire it, or purchase it from nearby towns.
  • To ‘give’ your Wood Workshop materials, you need to sell the materials to them.

One profitable Wood Workshop is Epicrotea — buy it, and you can acquire Hardwood from nearby towns like Andurn and Uthelaim. As long as you sell the materials back to the city with your workshop, they’ll be resupplied.

How much you make can also depend on what the cities need, and if those cities are currently at war. A city that’s in need of supplies is going to pay higher, so choose your battles wisely to increase your profits even further.