Control: Foundation DLC – Turn Valves To Summon A Magic Lucky Cat | Easter Egg Guide

Control is full of weird Easter eggs, including one complicated hidden quest to solve a luck-based experiment to earn a Gold Suit, and The Foundation includes its own hidden side-quest to solve. By interacting with the game world in a very specific way, you can summon a hidden Lucky Cat to appear. Why? What’s the purpose?

We’re still working on that. This is similar to the hidden Control furnace Easter egg quest, with various points-of-interest and hidden locations. To access the Lucky Cat, you’ll need to unlock the secret Basement Lab location in the Warehouse area. You can find a complete guide here, showing how to complete the ‘Pope’s Collection’ quest and reach the basement. Once you’ve got that area unlocked, you can follow the rest of the steps below.

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To spawn the Lucky Cat Easter egg, complete the ‘Pope’s Collection’ side-quest to unlock the Basement Lab in the Warehouse. Once the area below is unlocked, you can begin this weird little event.

In the Basement Lab in the Warehouse area of the Foundation Division, find the red valve in the back corner. Turn it, then return to the Warehouse Central ground floor. Outside the Warehouse tower, there are several yellow buildings in the cavern itself. Enter the yellow building with the showers, and interact with the shower head — it will now work. It didn’t work before!

Look behind you — there’s a lucky cat! Interact with it, but it will disappear. We don’t know what the purpose of the Lucky Cat is yet, but we’re looking for answers. We’ll update this article with any new information we find to complete this very weird little secret.