SYNTHETIK: Unlock Weapons & Modifiers With These Secret Codes | Cheats Guide

SYNTHETIK is a blisteringly fast isometric shooter that’s killing it on Steam Early Access. It’s a rogue-lite with a huge arsenal of weaponry and multiple free updates available already — and it has cheat codes. Rogue-lite shooters usually don’t have mercy, so it’s nice to see a few cheat codes floating around for the community to use.

Some codes give you temporary access to weapons, while others give permanent access to others. There’s a whole lot of gun to go around, and here’s how to get stuff without spending any in-game cash.

In SYNTHETIK, you play as a lone android on a mission to stop the Machine Legion from destroying humanity. If you want to stop global annihilation, you’ll need some heavy-duty firepower and a lot of skill. The game is all about experimentation and quick-thinking action. It’s an awesome little unknown that’s going to get big when the full version releases later this year.

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There are two types of codes for SYNTHETIK. Codes input from the Main Menu give you permanent unlockables. Codes input at the start of a solo session are temporary — they’ll give you a bonus for your current session. All codes can only be input once.

NOTE: All codes may be reset in future updates, and more condes are released often. Check the official SYNTHETIK website here for more codes as they’re revealed.

How To Input Codes: Type the full code in Global Chat — either at the start of a session, or in the Main Menu — and the effect will unlock. If you use a code during a session, you will also get a negative status effect. All codes are case sensitive and begin with a [/].

  • Main Menu Codes: Type these codes in the Main Menu for a permanent unlock.
    • /NOTROBOCOP – Unlocks the Auto-9/45 Pistol for all classes.
    • /CYBERPOLICE945 – Unlocks the Auto-9/45 Pistol for all classes.

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  • Solo Session Codes: Type these codes at the start of a solo session. The effects listed will only last for one session.
    • /ARNIE – Gives the M79 Terminator Grenade Launcher for one session.
    • /MALLNINJA – Gives two Z1 Sundering Shurikens for one session.
    • /ZZSSHH – Gives a Maverick MKV & two Sidewinders for one session.
    • /ADDICT – Gives multiple Unidentified Potions & Refresher items.

Those are all the codes shared so far. Synthetik is still in early-access, so these codes are subject to change.