28 Weird Minecraft Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know

There’s no getting around the fact that Minecraft is a global sensation — a game played by millions — and yet it’s also filled with weird an endless list of features and quirks that even the most experienced players don’t know a lick about. To celebrate the latest and greatest new content update for Minecraft, I went searching for the strangest, weirdest, and most wonderful tips and tricks that I knew nothing about.

There are tricks literally everyone knows about — like cobblestone generators, that pigs transform into zombie pigmen when struck by lightning, or that cats scare away creepers. We’re talking about stuff that’s more obscure. Some of it you might know, but unless you’re a true Minecraft fanatic, you won’t know everything. And the new Nether Update includes some interesting little tidbits; now you can generate blue fire by lighting fire on Soul Sand. Pretty neat, right?

There’s a whole lot more secret stuff you need to know, so let’s dig into everything else that’s fun, useful, weird, or just worth sharing.

Image Source: [1]

#1: Netherite can’t be destroyed with explosives. Use TNT down in Y0-Y20 in the Nether to make spotting Netherite easier.

Image Source: [1]

#2: Dogs have a built-in health meter. Look at the tail! The lower a dog’s tail is, the less health they have.

#3: You can make imperceptible sand with gates and swim right through ‘solid’ sand. Just place two sand block on an open gate, break one, and the top sand will fall into the gate. Now you’ve got a hidden entrance you can swim through if you place water sources around it.

#4: Shulker Boxes are so powerful, they can knock you straight through solid walls! Not exactly useful, but it’s a big surprise if you’re exploring some deep darkness and get knocked into another room.

There’s a lot of Minecraft secrets to discover (or rediscover) — check the next page for more.