Shovel Knight: King Of Cards – Transform Into The Burger King With This Newly Revealed Cheat Code

It just keeps staring.

We haven’t seen the same flood of cheat codes for the latest entry in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove collection. The original game included a massive amount of weird, wacky cheat codes for players to freely peruse, but I haven’t heard a single peep about new cheat codes in Shovel Knight: King Of Cards — the brand new mini-adventure starring the irascible King Knight.

The new cheat code sure is something else. Instead of unlocking — well, anything — the code instead gives King Knight an alternate look. It’s eye-gouging, ridiculous, disturbing, soul-crushing; it cannot be properly described. And while this isn’t technically a Burger King mask, it does give King Knight the same cursed aura as the BK’s fiber-glass domed mascot of weirdness.

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The newly revealed cheat codes adds a Grand Triumvirate mask to King Knight — it’s a permanent addition and it does not animate. Instead, the mask just kind of floats along with King Knight as he bully-rushes his way through enemies and obstacles.

It looks ridiculous, and there’s something weirdly haunting about the way the mask is constantly staring at us, the players. Input the code below to unlock this effect for King Knight.

  • King Mask Cheat Code: K&DMASK

It’s both ridiculously lazy and awesome — and call me crazy, but this is totally filled with Burger King vibes. Let me list the ways. 1) It’s a giant over-sized mask. 2) It’s giving strong creeper energy by constantly looking at you. 3) It’s an over-sized king head with a beard!

Your honor, I rest my case.

But, let’s just take this cheat (and graphic) at face value. The mask is actually the Grand Triumvirate — the massive, impressively regal final boss of the King of Cards mini-campaign.

In his full-size, impressively huge form, he really doesn’t give BK Mascot vibes at all. It’s only when you stick the huge head on a tiny body and make it stare at the place disconcertingly that I start to question my own sanity.