Battlefield 5: Throw A Crab Party With This Ridiculously Complex Wake Island Easter Egg

Battlefield V is slowly reclaiming past glories by reintroducing classic Pacific maps to the WW2 multiplayer shooter. Wake Island, one of the most beloved maps in the entire franchise, has landed in BFV and includes a ludicrous Easter egg that’s all about celebrating the community through dancing crabs and reggae remixes of the classic Battlefield theme.

Actually unlocking this Easter egg requires a ton of work, so I’m going to try to simplify and explain — you can watch the end results in the full video below. By tracking down crabs at a special memorial dedicated to all the Battlefield games featuring Wake Island, you’ll make the crabs dance like crazy — there’s a special song, wacky animations, and even some fireworks thrown in. The big question in — why? Why does this Easter egg exist? Let’s investigate.

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The Wake Island crab rave Easter egg is ridiculously complex. You’ll need to go around the map, looking for crabs the burrow into the ground — these clicking crabs actually reappear on a special plaque commemorating the return of Wake Island to the Battlefield franchise.

Find five crabs, and they’ll stand on the plaque in a circle. The crabs appear in random spots, and finding five will make a set of headphones appear. Grab the headphones, then enter the bunker near Point D. Inside, you’ll be able to listen to a radio for morse code — the code actually gives you GPS coordinates to the real Wake Island!

Follow the coordinates to the matching spot in-game, and you’ll find a vinyl record. Return to the plaque and pop that vinyl onto a new record player that’s appeared — listen for more coordinates, follow them, and continue to collect vinyl records. The Easter egg will activate once you’ve found (and placed) all the vinyl. It’s totally ridiculous, and you can get more information with this full Wake Island Easter egg guide on Youtube.

Why dancing crabs? Hilariously, this very Easter egg was requested by the r/BattlefieldV community in a post a month before Wake Island released. Now it’s real. Sometimes the developers over at DICE do listen.