Death Stranding: 24 Mind-Bending Tips To Get You Through The First Hours | Beginner’s Guide

MULEs will leave you alone if you don’t bring cargo. Unfortunately, they will take back their stuff if you rob them.

#7: If you’re planning to infiltrate a MULE compound, there’s an easy way to sneak in while the MULEs ignore you. Just don’t bring any cargo at all! If you unequip everything and leave it behind the MULEs will ignore you. Until you steal items from the Post Box.

#8: Carrying cargo in your hands is safer than carrying cargo on your back. If you lose stamina and trip, you’ll never damage an item that’s still in your hands. Hold [L2 / R2] with a death grip if you have a very vulnerable cargo.

#9: Your Water Canteen restores Max Stamina and can be refilled from any water source you come in contact with — yes, that includes rain water.

There’s a lot of sprinting in this game.

#10: Sprinting lowers your Max Stamina — you need to rest or drink from your Canteen to restore your Stamina. Carrying too much Weight or taking damage will also harm your Max Stamina.

#11: You only drink as much water as you need to restore Max Stamina. The more stamina you need to restore on your meter, the more water you’ll drink.

#12: When BB’s stress level gets too high, it’ll start to cry and harm itself. To calm BB down and improve your relationship, you can try to Soothe. Soothe BB by holding [L1] and pressing [Down], then press [Square]. Move the controller to soothe BB! You’ll also need to return BB to a Private Room every so often to relieve stress.

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