Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 5 Cheesy Tips To Survive Spec Ops | Co-op Guide

Co-op is the new PvE mode that replaces Zombies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, dropping you and three friends into a massive map populated with an endless swarm of killer enemies. This new version of Spec Ops is surprisingly difficult. It’s very easy to go down if you don’t work together. Actually, it’s incredibly easy. Most players (me included) fail every single time.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but all of the operations are possible. If you want to survive, you need to be daring, and you need to completely cheese the game. It’s all about using one player to keep the respawns flowing and pummeling enemies with all the ordinance you can. For some missions, you’ll need to bring RPGs just to fight back the endless hordes of Juggernauts.

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Equip A Shield Secondary For Completing Objectives

You don’t even need to use it. Just wearing it on your back is enough — it’ll make you completely invincible against attacks from behind while you’re marking crates or hacking terminals. This is one of the weirdest, simplest strategies I’ve used to actually survive.

Check The Area For Vehicles To Hijack

If you’re trying to complete a stealth section, there are parts you can completely avoid in Operation: Kuvalda by grabbing a tank and driving through the enemies safely. Some players say you need stealth, which is especially hard if you’re playing with random teams. With tanks, you can just plow straight through.

Like this, but on a roof instead.

Kill Yourself And Drop Onto A High Roof To Snipe / Anchor

Always designate one player as your spawn anchor. As long as one player is alive, other teammates can spawn onto them. One of the best strategies for every map is to have a designated anchor armed with an Assault Rifle and long-range scope so that can pick off targets the entire game. Just land on a rooftop where no one spawns and keep picking off bad guys, staying alive so your team can jump out to do all the other fighting / dying.

Grab LMGs And Rocket Launchers For Juggernauts / Tanks / Choppers

LMGs and Rocket Launchers are a must for most missions. The biggest threats on most maps are the Tanks, Juggernauts, and Choppers that spawn. Rockets are great at taking down tanks, but LMGs can destroy all three — enough bullets will eventually wear down Tanks and Choppers. Two players should always have a heavy weapon equipped.

Take Cruise Missile / Gunship To Deal With Extreme Threats

The Cruise Missile is an insanely useful weapon for instantly destroying choppers, while the Gunship is great for taking out tanks and clearing areas of enemies. Return to the HQ and grab all the crates you can so you’re prepared for threats to randomly pop-up during a spec ops mission.

Co-op missions are brutally difficult, and if we have any more tips, we’ll add them to the list here.