Code Vein: How To Get The True Ending | No Spoilers ‘Dwellers’ Guide

There are two endings you can earn in Code Vein — the ‘Heralds’ ending and the ‘Dwellers’ ending, and one of them is far happier than the other. The tricky part is just figuring out how to unlock this bonus ending. Nothing in the game really explains what you need to do, and it’s very easy to miss out if you don’t fully comprehend all the strange mechanics of the game.

I won’t go into spoilers, but early in the story you’ll encounter a Greater Lost boss. These giant monsters transform from infected Humans with vampire-like symptoms. After defeating these bosses, you’ll get to experience their memories — called Vestiges. The goal is to get a complete picture of the Vestiges and avoid killing any of the formerly-human bosses.

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How To Get The True Ending | No Spoilers ‘Dwellers’ Guide

To unlock the ‘Dwellers’ ending, which is both the good ending and the true ending, you need to avoid letting any of the Successor bosses turn into stone.

To save the Successors, you need to thoroughly search the areas before their boss fights. There are special memories called Vestiges — you need to find all of the boss’s vestiges before defeating them in battle. Collect all the Vestiges, then give them all to the NPC that looks like Io. That will save the Successor, freeing them from stone.

You have to save every Successor in the game. That means you have to carefully explore every area before defeating the boss. If you’re in a rush, you can easily miss this true ending. You’ll also have to save every boss all in a single playthrough — you can’t just save the ones you missed in NG+ or you won’t get the best ending.