Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How To Get Every Optional Item |

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a full remake of the Gameboy classic, sending the adventuring hero to a mysterious island full of secrets, dangers and dungeons. As you play, Link acquires special tools to solve puzzles and access new locations. Some items are completely optional, and they’re extremely handy — one of the best items in the game is only available near the end!

There are lots of optional items in Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The Boomerang is just one of them — and it’s a really good one, giving you a ranged attack that never runs out of ammo. You can also get bonus Fairy Bottles that will completely refill Link’s health if you capture one. There are three bottles in total you can find, and even a power upgrade for your sword if you hunt down lots of Secret Seashells. Learn how to find everything optional below.

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How To Get Every Optional Item | Boomerang, Fairy Bottles & More

The following items can be missed in a standard playthrough and none are required to finish the story. You can easily miss these items, even if you’ve thoroughly explored the island.

Boomerang: Located in a cave south of Sale’s house on Toronbo Shores. Bomb the cracked wall — if you have the Magnifying Lens (acquired by completing the Trading Quest) you’ll see a NPC here. Trade any usable item to get the Boomerang. You can trade the Boomerang back again.

Heavyweight Lure: Earned by catching a larger creature from the Fishing Pond minigame. Look for a Blooper squid — he’s tricky to catch! Make sure to get the Middleweight Lure by catching a large fish before attempting to get him.

Fairy Bottle #1: A ghost will appear in the Animal Village. Escort the ghost back to their house in Martha’s Bay, then take them to the grave surrounded by flowers outside the cemetery.

Fairy Bottle #2: Found at the bottom of the fishing minigame in Mabe Village. You’ll need the Heavyweight Lure or your line will break while bringing up the bottom on the pond floor.

Fairy Bottle #3: Complete Chamber Dungeons in Dampe’s Hut until you unlock the ‘Heart Shortage’ quest. Finish this quest to earn the final fairy bottle.

Upgraded Sword: Bring 20 Secret Seashells to the Seashell Mansion to earn an upgraded, more powerful sword.