Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How To Unlock The Optional Color Dungeon | Bonus Armor Guide

The Color Dungeon returns in Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and there’s a very worthwhile treasure waiting at the end. This special bonus dungeon was added in the Gameboy Color re-release of Link’s Awakening, and it’s included in the package here as a totally optional dungeon. To get inside, you’ll need to input a secret code in the cemetery — you’ll find all the exact instructions below to solve the mystery.

The Color Dungeon itself is a challenging diversion. There are unique enemies and puzzles that only appear in this one area, and they’re all related to different colors. There are puzzles in almost every room, so you’ll want to put on your thinking cap before venturing in here. The reward is incredibly useful too — so much so that anyone looking for a real challenge might want to just skip this dungeon and save it for second playthroughs.

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How To Unlock The Optional Color Dungeon | Bonus Armor Guide

The Color Dungeon is a special colorful dungeon that totally optional. Completing the dungeon will give you a powerful upgrade to Link’s armor — you can get a Red Suit or a Blue Suit. The Red Suit doubles your attack damage, while the Blue Suit halves the amount of damage you take from enemies. You can only pick one, but both are extremely good.

To unlock the Color Dungeon, you’ll need to reach the Cemetery region. It’s available once you complete the first two Dungeons and have the Power Bracelet and Roc’s Feather. To enter the dungeon, you must push five gravestones in a specific order, and push each one in a certain direction.

NOTE: The clue is located on a book in the Mabe Village library. Once you unlock the ability to sprint, you’ll be able to knock the book down and find the code. Finding this code is not required, though.

Go to the Cemetery, and locate the five gravestones in the bottom-right corner of the field. Start at the lower-right of the five gravestones, and then push the five gravestones in the following directions.

  • 3: Up – 4: Right – 5: Up
  • 2: Left – 1: Down

The number indicates the order you need to push the stones, and the location of the stones in the set of five — once all of the stones are pushed, the Color Dungeon entrance will appear when you push the final gravestone.

The Color Dungeon is full of strange puzzles — and there are two minibosses, along with a tough main boss. You’ll need to bring Magic Powder to defeat the second miniboss! It helps to have a little extra health before going here, so I recommend waiting until you’ve completed Dungeon 3 or Dungeon 4. Otherwise, it isn’t too bad — finish it early and the rest of the game can be a real breeze.