Borderlands 3: Atlas HQ Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

The original villains of the Borderlands series, the militaristic Atlas Corporation, have returned in Borderlands 3 under the leadership of Rhys, the hero of Tales From The Borderlands — an adventure-game off-shoot made by the late-great Telltale Games. When you arrive in this vast headquarters, you’ll find the fortress under assault by swarms of Maliwan troopers, empowered by the Calypso Twins.

Unlike some of the previous areas, this one is pretty small. You’ll be able to swipe up the handful of collectibles pretty quickly if you keep your eyes open — again, you’ll find Typhon Logs, Dead Claptraps, and a surprise Crimson Radio broadcasting the Children of the Vault’s message across the galaxy. Check the map below for all the locations you need. to 100% this place.

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Atlas HQ Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

For this guide, we’ll cover where to find Dead Claptraps, Typhon Logs, Typhon Dead Drops, and Legendary Hunt locations.

There are three Typhon Logs in each area, and there can be one or more Dead Claptraps or Legendary Hunts to find. Below, you’ll find a map with locations marked for every collectible type, and text instructions with more details to help you track them all down.

Typhon Logs are one of the most valuable collectibles. Finding all three will unlock the location of the Typhon Dead Drop.

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Map Key:

  • Yellow = Dead Claptrap
  • Blue = Legendary Hunt / Target of Opportunity
  • Purple = Typhon Dead Drop (Cache)
  • Red = Typhon Logs
  • Pink = Crimson Radio
  • Green = Hijack Target

Typhon Log #1: Found on the second floor of the perimeter wall. Just run past the Atlas HQ interior entrance to find it.

Dead Claptrap: Find claptrap in the bar on the second floor of the lobby.

Typhon Log #2: Right in the center of the upper lobby.

Typhon Log #3: Found in the backyard, behind the lobby. Look in the back-right corner on the upper walkway.

Crimson Radio: Outside behind the lobby, look in the lower-left corner. From the ledge, look down to spot some platforms leading to this radio.

Typhon Dead Drop: In a red room in the second floor of the lobby, just to the left of Log #2.