Borderlands 3: Lectra City Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

You thought Meridian Metroplex was confusing. Lectra City is an on-foot region of Promethea in Borderlands 3 that’s entirely optional. You’ll have to fight in a giant battle royale and defeat the vile Killavolt if you’re following Moxxi’s mission — otherwise the area is just a sprawl of buildings infested with psychos and bandits.

Because this is a no-vehicle region, you won’t find any Hijack Targets here. You will find Targets of Opportunity — these are like Legendary Hunts, but instead of monsters, you’ll find villainous people to fight. Otherwise, everything else is here; Typhon Logs, Dead Claptraps, Crimson Radios and Dead Drops. Check out the map below for all the locations.

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For this guide, we’ll cover where to find Dead Claptraps, Typhon Logs, Typhon Dead Drops, and Legendary Hunt locations.

There are three Typhon Logs in each area, and there can be one or more Dead Claptraps or Legendary Hunts to find. Below, you’ll find a map with locations marked for every collectible type, and text instructions with more details to help you track them all down.

Typhon Logs are one of the most valuable collectibles. Finding all three will unlock the location of the Typhon Dead Drop.

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  • Map Key:
    • Yellow = Dead Claptrap
    • Blue = Legendary Hunt / Target of Opportunity
    • Purple = Typhon Dead Drop (Cache)
    • Red = Typhon Logs
    • Pink = Crimson Radio
    • Green = Hijack Target

Dead Claptrap: On a shed rooftop on the edge of the map.

Dead Claptrap: Drop down into the underground shopping area in the Downtown. It’s found in the corner.

Typhon Log #1: Found on the edge of the map, right where it’s marked.

Crimson Radio: Found on a high rooftop. To reach it, you need to climb to the rooftops, then jump from a curved street lamp.

Typhon Log #2: At the far end of the Big Dock Energy (!) area.

Typhon Log #3: Found on a high rooftop of The Hills area. Look for a cracked ledge to reach the top.

Typhon Dead Drop: Not hard to find this time. Just inside a small compartment in the Underpass.