NYCC 2018 Previews: My Hero Academia: One Justice is A Fun Fighting Title for Fans of the Franchise


Bandai Namco had the pleasure to showcase their upcoming 3D fighting game — My Hero Academia: One Justice at New York Comic-Con 2018. And as being a huge fan of the anime, this was one of my must-see games o the show floor.

I’m not big into 3D fighting titles, especially the Bandai Namco produced ones, for no particular reason, just was never a fan. However, One’s Justice wasn’t that bad. I kind of dug it and being a My Hero Academia fan it helped.

I got to play one match and with my time I was amused at how accurate they were to the anime/manga. As everyone can assume, I chose to play as the number one hero All Might with my two sidekicks of Deku and Bakugo. We played against some villain characters — Shigaraki and his two sidekicks Dabi and Toga.

The gameplay is pretty standard, however, I did notice that the environment is destructible so by the end of the match, the map can look a little different, which is a nice touch. This also goes hand in hand with our heroes, when fighting throughout the match, you can see your characters / the enemy characters suits tear, and rip.

Running around the open space of One Justice’s map was fun enough for me to consider picking this up at retail price, however, a big let down was hearing that the audio dialogue will be spoken exclusively in Japanese. I understand it is a lot of work to add the dub voices, but as a dub listener, I would have enjoyed hearing All Might screaming Texas Smash in English! The game is still in production so I won’t knock it for any performance issues, but I do hope the fluidity of the characters movements improve a slight bit.

My Hero Academia: One Justice is slated to release in October. Are you excited for the upcoming fighting title? Let us know in the comments below!