Minecraft Earth: How To Get Into The Closed Beta | July 25th Early Access Guide

You can begin exploring Minecraft Earth extra-early by applying to the Closed Beta, which is kicking off on July 25th. Only a select few players will be able to take part, but even if you don’t get an e-mail before the 25th, you can still be selected after the closed beta begins.

The augmented reality of Minecraft Earth takes a page from Pok√©mon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, allowing you to explore and discover in the real-world. The beta is exclusive to iOS devices on July 25th, but Microsoft says that the Android beta will follow soon after, so it’s good to be prepared.

Registering for the Closed Beta, whether you’re selected or not, will award you with a fancy Earth skin that you can use in Minecraft Earth and in standard Minecraft. More people will be selected as the beta continues, and while we don’t know exactly how long the beta will last, it should be a pretty significant amount of time. I’ll explain more in the full guide below.

How To Get Into The Closed Beta | July 25th Early Access Guide

The Minecraft Earth Closed Beta is set to begin on July 25th. For a chance to get in, you need to register for the closed beta.

Only a limited number of players from each region will be selected, but more players may be selected even after the beta begins — and it is possible to get kicked out.

If you’re selected for the Closed Beta, you must play at least once every seven days, or you’ll be removed and replaced with another player. Progress will be reset often, so don’t expect to bring your earnings into the full release.

Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Requirements:

A Microsoft / Xbox Live account is required to register. You’ll also need a modern smartphone running the latest OS.

  • iOS10 or later.
  • Android 7 or later.

What Is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth is an Augmented Reality free-2-play exploration game. You’ll explore a real-life map by walking around your neighborhood in search of tappables that give you XP and resources you can use to level up or build your own creations.

Build Plates are what make this game unique. Placing a Build Plate allows you to construct your very own creative creations — and then share them by dropping them off in real-life locations on the AR map. You’ll be able to explore these with your friends, or even just strangers as they pass by.

There’s a lot more to uncover for Minecraft Earth. Check back soon for more guides, tips, and tricks for this exciting new smartphone game!