Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Complete Week 5 Challenges | Season 9 Guide

Season 9 is here for Fortnite and we are gearing up for ten weeks of challenges. This challenges will come in forms of Free Challenges to Battle Pass Challenges. Likewise, season 9 also brings in new content and areas to explore like the Slip Stream and Neo Tilted. If you want a full rundown of what’s new in Fortnite season 9 then we suggest checking out our guide right here. Otherwise, take a look at the currently available challenges below.

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Week 5

Free Challenges

#1 Deal Damage To Opponents With Grenades, Dynamite, Or Stink Bombs

This is an easy challenge to go through because all you have to do is deal a total of 200 damage through the use of these explosive weapons.

#2 Search Chests At Salty Springs Or Frosty Flights

Head over to Salty Springs or Frosty Flights and open up a total of seven chests. Each location has several to choose from so this is another easy to accomplish challenge for the week.

#3 Eliminate An Opponent In Different Matches

Players need to an eliminate at least one opponent in each match for a total of five matches. After you successfully eliminated your fifth opponent you’ll unlock the challenge.

Battle Pass Challenges

#1 Complete A Lap – Stage Challenge

There are a total of three tracks you need to hit up. Being a staged challenge, you only need to worry about one at a time. During the stage challenge you need to head to the track and go through it for at least one lap.

  • Stage #1: Desert Race Track
  • Stage #2: Snowy Race Track
  • Stage #3: Grassland Race Track

#2 Place Trap Item In Different Matches

You need to place a trap item within five matches. It doesn’t matter where or what item you use so feel free to put down anything from a simple Damage Trap to a Mounted Turret.

#3 Visit Different Wind Turbines In A Single Match

There are no shortages of Wind Turbines around the map. If you’re not familiar with these structures, they are large towers with a fan head at the top. You normally see them towards the western side of the map but again, they are pretty frequent throughout the game map in general. You need to go and stand near a total of five different Wind Turbines in a single match.

#4 Eliminations At Sky Platforms

Much line Wind Turbines, there are a number of different Sky Platforms scattered throughout the map. The easiest one to spot in my opinion would be by the Pressure Plant. You’ll want to secure a good close ranged weapon and get to one of these platforms. This could be a bit tough to complete because there is not a whole lot of room and places to flee if things get too heated. However, with that said you need to secure a total of three eliminations while on a Sky Platform.

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