Conan Unconquered: 15 Tips To Help You Survive The Endless Onslaught | Beginner’s Guide

Conan Unconquered isn’t your average RTS — this game is all about surviving an endless onslaught of monsters and marauders while protecting your fledgling kingdom. Conan himself, the legendary barbarian, enters the fray with powerful abilities that allow him to survive against multitudes of opponents. You’ll need that extra edge, because this game isn’t about destroying enemy bases, it’s about effectively managing your economy so you can weather the storm. 

It’s a very different style. Call it a Survival RTS. It shares plenty of similarities with another indie early-access hit, They Are Billions, but instead of fighting zombies with a steampunk army, you’ll have iron age swordsmen and javelins to stop nightmare beasts. As a last ditch effort, you can even summon a demon to wildly rampage through your base — it’s powerful, but it might do just as much harm to you as the bad guys. 

I’ve been playing for quite some time, and if you’re new to the game — or just want some extra tips and tricks — here are my 15 tips for beginners.

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1: Explore To Find Chokepoints & Resources

At the start of any mission, you’ll want to figure out the boundaries of your civilization. Don’t build walls too quickly, but think about where you’ll place them — make sure you have plenty of wood and space to expand, protected by your walls. You’ll need to completely enclose your city eventually!

2: You’ll Need A Good Stock Of Wood, Stone & Food

Wood especially with lumber shacks. You can get food anywhere with hunter shack. Build a couple hovels to generate money — it’s the most important resource. You only need to build one lumber shack and one hunter shack.

3: Wait To Build Your Walls

Walls are expensive and you’ll want to get your economy going first. Use your hero to fight back the first wave of enemies and start training troops. You need to always be gaining lumber.

You’re always be attacked by endless waves of enemies, so the goal is to survive — build walls, surround your city with walls, even in spots that don’t seem to get attacked often. If a section is open, enemies will try to sneak in. That’s a bad situation.

4: Don’t Expand Too Quickly

Keep an even pace. Don’t upgrade your houses too soon, and don’t build too many units — get the upgrade to lower unit upkeep before building too many, and don’t construct walls too soon, or you’ll waste money and time building. All units have upkeep, so building too many will drain your resources. 

Of course, you’ll need to expand with upgrades. If you have the lumber, you can build new walls to create multiple levels of protection. Hovels are the most important resource to protect if you want to keep a steady income to keep your soldiers fighting.

5: Start Building To Use Lumber Before It Reaches The Cap

Resources max out very quickly until you’ve unlocked upgrades to store more items. Walls are a good way to use up extra wood. Hovels also cost wood, so the more hovels you build, the better.

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