Conan: Exiles – Beginner’s Guide | Tips To Help You Get Started & Survive Slightly Longer [VIDEO]

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Conan: Exiles doesn’t have to be an exercise session on the Wheel of Pain — it can be a good time, if you know what you’re getting into.

It’s a killer survival game, where bandits and giant scorpions await you around every corner. Instead of focusing on scavenging, this game is all about combat, and you’ll want to be prepared before taking revenge against the people that sent you to die in the desert.

The video above is just a quick primer to get you started on the basics of “Survive. Build. Dominate” — and dominate you can. By capturing human enemies, you can turn them into your loyal servants. Just don’t forget to keep plenty of gruel around. A starving helper can quickly become a dead helper.

It’s a brutal world out there, and in Conan: Exiles, it’s actually recommended that you “discard your humanity” and start stripping human flesh for leather.

That’s a totally disgusting thing to do — and hilariously, you can do far, far worse. You can sacrifice humans to dark gods, or even become a cannibal and eat them. We don’t recommend that second thing. It’s more likely to drive you totally insane, and you don’t want to make deals with demons anytime soon.

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