Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced – How To Fix Bad Lag, Improve FPS & More | PC Tweaks Guide

A surprise Borderlands 3 announcement trailer wasn’t the only bit of good news for the loot-n’-shoot series from Gearbox. Last week also saw the release of Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced Edition on PC and console — as well as enhanced texture packs released for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: TPS. That’s a whole heckuva lot of Borderlands. If you’re one of the players that picked up Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced on PC, we’re here to help you get a better experience out of the original coop classic.

Currently, there are two issues that are annoyingly common. Sudden drops in FPS and lag spikes are common when playing online, and there are simple solutions to both of these problems you’ll want to try first before lowering your settings or complaining to your preferred internet service provider. Some of the solutions are easy for anyone to try, while one requires making a tweak or two to the .ini file in the Config folder. We’ll explain what you need to do step-by-step.

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PC Tweaks Guide

These tweaks will help you fix common problems in Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced Edition on PC. Some of these fixes may require editing .ini files or accessing config files.

If you’re not experienced with making these adjustments, don’t worry — if you cause a problem accidentally, there are ways to repair your installation. Simply access the game on Steam:

Right-click in your Library, select ‘Properties’ and select the ‘Local Files’ tab.

Left-click ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ to repair your installation.

How To Fix Slowdown Spikes

If you’re experiencing sudden, random slowdown, there’s a simple fix you can try.

Run Steam in Offline Mode.

Left-click ‘Steam’ in the top-left corner and select ‘Go Offline…’

You won’t be online, but some players are reporting easy success and faster FPS with this quick fix.

How To Fix Lag

Online coop in Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced Edition is a seriously problem right now. If you’re experiencing problems with extreme lag and connectivity, there is a fix that might work for you.

The fix will disable in-game voice-chat, which uses an excessive amount of packets to slow the game down considerably. Disabling in-game voice-chat seems to decrease lag considerably — here’s how to disable it.

Go to the Borderlands: GOTY Enhanced Edition Config folder:

Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year\WillowGame\Config

Open the Config folder and open WillowEngine.ini in Notepad.

Search for the [VoIP] settings — locate the line “HasVoiceEnabled=True

Change the line to “HasVoiceEnabled=False” and save the file.

Right-click and mark the .ini file to “READ ONLY“.

Following these instructions may make it impossible to run Borderlands: GOTY from Steam. To run the game, locate the .exe in the root folder from Config and run the game straight from the .exe.

How To Improve FPS

If you have an Nvidia GPU and you’re experiencing low FPS, here’s a quick (and common) fix.

Right-click on Desktop to access ‘Manage 3D Settings‘ from the menu.

Go to the ‘Program Settings‘ tab and select Borderlands from the drop-down list.

Change ‘Preferred Graphics’ to ‘High Performance Nvidia Processor‘.

Normally the ‘Global Settings’ will be set to ‘Automatically Select’ — and this may be causing games to select ‘Integrated Graphics’ instead, which is a much slower processor.

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