10 Ways Apex Legends Improves On The Battle Royale Formula

Jumpmasters Keep Your Team Together

Apex Predators makes teamwork with strangers incredibly easy, thanks to simple additions like the Jumpmaster. Before gliding toward the map, one team member is assigned to be the Jumpmaster. As Jumpmaster, you’ll be able to choose when your team drops and where they go. Automatically, teammates will stick to the Jumpmaster. No more teammates randomly wandering off to opposite sides of the map right at the start.

Non-Jumpmasters can tag locations, suggesting drop points. You can also choose to split from the Jumpmaster and fly solo.

Tap [R1 / RB] To Communicate Easily With The Ping Wheel

There’s a button that’s dedicated completely to teamwork. Tap [R1] to ping your team — you can ping enemies, ping danger areas, ping the ground for directions, or ping useful items. Ping makes nonverbal communication incredibly easy, and even lightens the load on teamchat. Whenever a player pings, the entire team will see it.

Holding down [R1 / RB / Ping Button] will open the Ping Wheel. Now you can choose a wide variety of ping commands quickly. Super handy.