Kingdom Hearts 3: Where To Find All 7 Pudding Princesses | Mini Games Guide

In Kingdom Hearts 3, scattered across various worlds are princesses which are a form of a heartless monster. When you speak with the princess you will be able to play a mini game and earn a reward. However, finding these princesses may be difficult. In this guide we’ll showcase just where all seven princesses are located and the reward you’ll receive by playing their mini game. However, it’s worth noting that if you complete all seven of the princesses mini games then you will receive Orichalcum as a reward.

[Note: This is a work-in-progress article. Check back often for future updates.]

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Pudding Princess Locations
#7 Olympus

Cherry Pudding Princess Location: Near the save point location at the stairs.

Mini Game: Collect seven Pudding Heartless before time runs out.

Reward: Cherry

#6 Kingdom of Corona

Orange Pudding Princess Location: Located in front of a save point towards the center of the map.

Mini Game: Take pictures of seven Pudding Heartless.

Reward: Orange

#5 Toy Box

Strawberry Pudding Princess Location: Located by the vending drinks.

Mini Game:  Coming Soon

Reward: Strawberry

#4 Monstropolis

Banana Pudding Princess Location: Past the white door within the door warehouse.

Mini Game: Coming Soon

Reward: Banana

#3 Arendelle

Grape Pudding Princess Location: Coming Soon

Mini Game: Coming Soon

Reward: Grape

#2 The Carribbean

Watermelon Pudding Princess: Within the room with the save point at Stone Fort.

Mini Game: Coming Soon

Reward: Watermelon

#1 San Fransokyo

Melon Pudding Princess Location: On roof with the Asian Food sign.

Mini Game: Coming Soon

Reward: Melon

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