The Best Open World Video Games For PC PS4 Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Note: This article was update in April 2019.

Find yourself going towards more open world based video game titles lately? If you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or the latest handheld hybrid console release, the Nintendo Switch, then you have a ton of great video games to enjoy. We’re going to showcase some of the better open world video game titles available across the various platforms down below. While there are still plenty of great video game titles to release on this generation of consoles and PC, here is a good starter list of titles you may want to go back and enjoy.

Because this generation of consoles and of course the PC platform will be running on for a few more years, we’re going to be keeping tabs on new video game releases that are set in the open world. Keep this list bookmarked and check back regularly for updates that features brand new titles within the mix below.

#32 Mad Max

Mad Max may have been overlooked a bit when it first launched into the market. Most games based off of films or television series tends to not do so well and likewise, Mad Max launched the same day as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If you missed out on this title then you’ll want to go back and give it a go today. Gamers will explore a giant desert wasteland as they battle foes in vehicle-based combat.

#31 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the tenth installment in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise. This time around, the game is set in Bolivia, where the rising power of drug cartels has become a concern to the United States Government.

To deal with this concern, the Government has sent in an elite special operations unit called “the Ghosts” to destroy the cartels in question. Unlike previous installments within the franchise, players will be set in an open world environment to explore along with more freedom in how they accomplish their goals.

#30 No Man’s Sky

Tossing No Man’s Sky into the list could be a bit controversial. There’s a whole lot of gamers out there that was greatly disappointed with the launch of No Man’s Sky. Despite its rough launch and rocky initial reception, No Man’s Sky remains to be a contender for a space title on the platform.

No Man’s Sky has endless planets to explore with space dogfights, trading, along with fauna and species to discover. Recently the game was hit with some bigger updates that did add more content and features that the developers had originally promised on which makes it well worth going back and trying the game out again if you have yet to do so.

#29 Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is the third game in the long-running Just Cause series of third-person action games. Offering a vast open world setting on a fictional Mediterranean island known as Medici, series protagonist Rico Rodriguez returns, this time to oust a dictator named General Di Ravello from power.

The game’s map size has been confirmed to be similar to that of Just Cause 2, offering 400 square miles of content–but with increased verticality. This game installment also marks as not only the biggest but most over-the-top entry to date.

#28 Dying Light

Dying Light was created under Techland, who was also the developers behind Dead Island and as such, there are some clear similarities between the two. However, between the two video game titles, Dying Light certainly carries a more mature tone and bleak world.

The video game follows an agent named Kyle Crane who is tasked with infiltrating a quarantine zone city of Harran which has become infested with a virus turning civilians into ruthless zombies. Interestingly enough, there’s a twist on the day and night cycle in Dying Light. During the day, the zombies are more lethargic and easier to deal with, though once the sun set’s they become more aggressive and harder to escape.

Developers have also tossed in some parkour elements within the game allowing players to easily traverse the city and its obstacles when fleeing the undead hordes. Combat as well has been changed from the melee focus from what we seen within Dead Island to gunplay, giving players an action-adventure experience.

#27 Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft’s The Division takes place in the United States after a smallpox pandemic causes the government and its cities to collapse. Now only chaos remains where one force may be the last line of defense when it comes to bringing back the stability and peace throughout the nation. This last line of defense is called the Division, a classified stay-behind force with self-supported tactical agents.

Taking place in New York City, players traverse the city as they team up with other Division agents to clear out the infected and protect the innocent, however, throughout the game, the Division agents find themselves in a worldwide conspiracy leading them to a group responsible for unleashing the deadly virus.

#26 Far Cry 5

The fifth main title within the franchise, Far Cry 5, takes place within the United States of America in a fictional Montana area known as Hope County.

Within the narrative, Far Cry 5 pins players against Joseph Seed, a leader of a cult who has forced his way into controlling Hope County. As more innocent civilians become trapped and forced into submission under Joseph Seed’s rule, only a handful of resistance stands in his way.

Just as before, players can expect the title to deliver as a first-person shooter in an open world environment which can be explored either on foot or through vehicles. However, the campaign can be experienced both as a single player narrative or through cooperative multiplayer.