Soulcalibur 6: Use These Easy Moves To Win Any CPU Fight | Mission Mode Guide

Soulcalibur 6 is a full-featured game, with plenty of different ways to play against AI opponents. You can jump into a quick eight fights in Arcade Mode, or tackle the Mission Mode and slowly level-up your custom character. The higher the difficulty of the fights in both of these modes, the more currency you’ll earn — upping the difficulty in Arcade Mode will get you more SP. Fighting high-level opponents in Mission Mode gives you a whole bunch of Gold, which you can trade for SP. Starting to get the picture?

Luckily, the AI / CPU isn’t nearly as intelligent as an actual human-player. Certain special attacks or combos will almost always catch the computer by surprise. Here, I’m listing all the easy special attacks and super-simple strategies you can use to dominate the AI. There are plenty of strategies, and you’ll probably develop your own while fighting through the game’s lengthy Mission Mode. Here are all the strategies I’ve tested, and how you can use them to cheese AI opponents when they’re giving you trouble.

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Use These Easy Moves To Win Any CPU Fight | Mission Mode Guide

There are three primary characters / strategies you can use to very, very easily cheese any CPU opponent. Let’s start with the very best, and move onto my personal strategy. 

  • NOTE: Below, we’re using standard fighting game move notation. Learn more here.

For reference:

  • A = [PS4: Triangle] or [XBO: Y]
  • B = [PS4: Square] or [XBO: X]
  • K = [PS4: Circle] or [XBO: B]
  • 4 = Back (Away From Opponent)
  • 1 = Down-Back


  • (B)+(A+B)
    • Use to hit at long-range. Will knock opponents out of the ring.
  • (4K)+(B)+(B)
    • A combo that ends with a ring-out projectile. Very handy, and will ring out even if you’re far away.
  • (A)+(A)+(A) / (B)+(B)+(B)
    • Powerful combos that are extremely simple and stun.
  • (A+B)
    • Launches an attack on the ground. Use against downed opponents while they’re on the ground.

Inferno [Unlockable Boss]

  • (4A+B)
    • Very overpowered attack. Just keep spamming this move whenever you have an opening.

Seong Mi-na

  • (1B)
    • A long-ranged low strike that the AI has difficulty dodging. Back away and use this as they approach.


  • (4A+B)
    • Gun attack. Goes through shields and knocks opponents out of the ring. AI is good at dodging, so wait for your opponent to attempt a move.
  • (2B+K)
    • Powerful ground-attack that hits low and stuns opponents. Can be charged to become more powerful. Useful to use against opponents while they’re on the ground.
  • (4B+K)
    • Teleport that makes Cervantes reappear than lunge forward. Don’t use if you’re near a map edge. Very easy to knock yourself out of the ring. Use this to escape and damage your opponent.

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